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Green Sustainability: MR Credit 1 - Building Reuse

How FreeAxez All Steel Low Profile Access Flooring System Contributes to Building Reuse:


Retrofit and Renovation:

Today’s demand for hi-tech space requires significant power/voice/data cabling. The FreeAxez low profile wire management system allows older buildings to meet the current and future technology requirements of the modern office environment.


Historic Properties:

FreeAxez is a perfect application for Historic structures. As a result of its unique design, the gravity-held FreeAxez floors can lay on top of existing terrazzo, marble or wood floors without any destruction to the floor. Since the floor is not screwed or connected to the walls, FreeAxez does not damage any fine woodwork on the walls.


Low Ceiling Restrictions: 

The lowest profile access floor on the market (at 1.6” in height), FreeAxez provides a complete wire management with negligible impact to the vertical dimension.  In low floor-to-ceiling space, the addition of drop ceilings or tall floors to run wires often compresses the space to make reuse impractical. FreeAxez extends the life cycle of buildings with vertical restrictions.


Minimal Transition Requirements:

FreeAxez offers modular ramp components that meet ADA slope requirements with many ramp configuration options. The low profile ramp transition is only 19 inches long for the FreeAxez 40 (1.6”). FreeAxez ramping consumes far less revenue space than taller traditional raised access floors. FreeAxez also eliminates the need for costly handrails.


Other LEED credits:


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