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Green Sustainability: MR Credit 2 - Construction Waste Management

How FreeAxez All Steel Low-Profile Flooring System Contributes to Construction Waste Management:


No Construction Waste: 

FreeAxez is gravity-held system assembled without glues, screws or fasteners. The intelligent system of border components allows any space to be fitted without the need for cutting metal and producing waste. A FreeAxez installation produces negligible construction waste and diverts material from landfill disposal.  Any components remaining from installation may be used for attic stock or easily recycled because it is all steel.



When a space is vacated or planned for demolition, the portabile attributes of the FreeAxez system allows for the redirection and reuse of material to the next application. The durable FreeAxez all steel floor can be disassembled, transported and reassembled / reused many times without degradation.  Or, the manufacturer will buy back the material for a period up to ten years!

Other LEED credits:


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