Gridd® Adaptive Cable Distribution System Simplifies Your Cable Management Process

Engineered for exceptional management at every stage.

These days, technology integrates into almost every aspect of life. This process, also known as digital transformation, extends from your personal life using smartphones, smart homes, and computers—to business, where both the buildings and the equipment you use extend to every part of the organization. Technology centers on one fundamental thing: data. 

Data is critical to success, and sharing it within the workplace requires a robust cable infrastructure.

Managing Cables Isn't as Carefree as People Might Think.

Raised Floor

Ever had to manage any of this?

Fraying and Breaking

It seems almost ridiculous that IT and building management professionals would even encounter this sort of thing, yet the reality is that when accessing cables beneath a raised access floor becomes too hard, people procrastinate. They won't open floors and tuck cables away—where they are supposed to be—because that task is too complicated or time-consuming. The result is often cable damage, which can end up costing your organization more than time.

Awkward Space Integration

With older raised floor solutions, integrating power, data and even AV connection points can be costly, requiring specialist support crews to install outlets, move walls and build closets. The use of columns can block the flow of a room and make it feel closed in and less functional. 

Safety Issues

In the case of Ethernet, exposed cables don't just transmit data. They also send power, which can potentially become a hazard to building occupants. Connected cables can burn hands or shock people if damaged.

Asset Protection Issues

Cabling infrastructure is every bit as much an asset as the equipment it connects. Having cables stowed underfloor away from traffic saves money, slows depreciation, and ensures the day to day operation of your enterprise is the most favorable to your bottom line.

Data Protection Issues

Your data is one of your top assets and the lifeblood of your organization. Proprietary information includes intellectual property, and also the sensitive details relating to your employees and clients. Beyond privacy concerns, networks can operate at a greater capacity, delivering the needed data more speedily to the people who need it, when cables are secured neatly beneath the floor away from interference and the potential for wear. 

Opening Up Walls

Arranging and rearranging cable infrastructure as your business needs shift, can generate work for already overworked crews. This process includes pulling cables through walls, drop ceilings, around corners and even through a conduit. The time-consuming process of drywalling, patching and painting should not be a factor every time you need to install or activate a cable, adjust a work area or build a new lab space. 

Traditional flooring systems are labor-intensive, waste time and are simply not efficient. 

Advanced raised access floors should provide built-in cable management, saving time and boosting efficiency while freeing up your facilities staff and IT teams for other business priorities.

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Welcome to Gridd's Raised Floor Management System

Raised Floor

Gridd Raised Access Floor Cable Management System solves the complexity of cable management in today's work environments. Its award-winning design is built-in and offers the most unique adaptable workspace infrastructure solution for your organization.

Gridd raised floor systems offer many components that integrate high density cabling in the floor.

Gridd ends labor-intensive ceiling cable drops. Interchangeable components easily accommodate changing technology.

Gridd allows you to add, change, repair, and reconfigure cables quickly and efficiently.

Questions People Frequently Ask About Gridd

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Why Is Cable Management Important?

The cable is the backbone of the enterprise network. It allows your organization and customers access to the intelligence that you provide. That's why proper cable management is an essential feature of an advanced IT operation. Cable management is more than merely installing, labeling and terminating them. They must conform to the needs of your enterprise and allow you to rearrange them quickly and efficiently. 

How do you deal with cable management?

Gridd has been designed for simplicity. The simpler your system, the more inclined people will be to follow it. Gridd has a built-in, easy to open underfloor system that makes it simple to install, access and reconfigure cables on the go.

How do you integrate cable?

Our name informs our solution. Gridd spans the  bridge between IT and architecture. It’s low-profile and integrated power and cable engineering solution provides access to a wide capacity of power, data, telecommunications and AV systems while harmonizing  with the design of your building. 

How can I get better cable management?

The best cable management is one that is already engineered into your raised access floor solution. It's cost-effective, proven and future-ready. You need ease of use and ease of access. Gridd Mobile is a phone app that uses your raised access flooring and combines it with augmented reality to allow you better visibility to manage your cables.

How do you hide cables on the floor?

The answer is you don't want to hide cables "on" the floor but "under" the floor. In fact, underfloor cable distribution is by far the most cost-effective option. In a low profile raised access flooring solution like Gridd's, you get power and cable management rolled into one. It's fast, simple and cost-effective, and Gridd even works in round buildings.

How do I manage my cable?

The best way to manage cables is to ensure they are installed correctly in a secure, underfloor space with easy access and ample power to ensure that everything above the floor integrates smoothly. 

How do you organize cables and wires?

Gridd's underfloor technology has channels designed in grid-like patterns to safely pull cable to every area of the floor where data and power are needed. When moved underfloor, cables, both data and electrical, will stay neatly in position. They stay exactly where you installed them and quickly adjust when it's time to rearrange them. 

How do you organize loose cables?

Organizing is simple when you have the right cable distribution system. Gridd's Adaptive Cable Distribution system contains your cables securely in place until you need to move them.

The ideal adaptive cable distribution solution allows you to quickly and easily:

  • Install cables 
  • Maintain cables
  • Rearrange cables

Each of these stages has its own set of pitfalls.

Cable Installation with Gridd

Raised Floor

Installing cables can be a massive undertaking, drawing resources and IT budgets and raising dust when walls and ceilings need to open. Gridd’s revolutionary design keeps cable installations underfoot.

Gridd Adaptive Cable Distribution System is a top-of-the-line workplace infrastructure solution and installs at a rate of 1,000 feet per installer, per day. It’s three or four times faster than traditional flooring. A crew of 8 installers can install up to 10,000 square feet in a day of our raised access floor.

In a recent building conversion, installers converted a 130,000-foot box store into a call center in eleven days. The Gridd and Gridd Power solutions facilitated a massive space that ended up with well over 1,000 seats in one room of cubicles. And we can do the same for your operation.

We work with architects, end-users, IT groups, and every type of stakeholder to make their vision for raised floor cable management a reality.

Cable Maintenance with Gridd

Raised Floor

Facilities departments often receive requests to change office spaces overnight or even over a weekend. Repurposing or setting up a room with fully integrated data and electrical is easy when you have Gridd. 

Adjustments are simple with Gridd's modular technology. Your underfloor space access easily by removing floor tiles and lifting access panels. The entire system installs by hand—without the tools, fasteners or adhesives—making major changes quick and simple. With Gridd, your team can relocate data, power, and cabling in minutes rather than hours or days.


Gridd is UL-listed and 100 percent made of steel. Our system assembles by hand without fasteners, tools or adhesives. It also provides a fully accessible floor allowing you to manage cabling without altering a building's during a new building installation or a building renovation.


Gridd saves time and labor costs and installs by hand. No need for tools or fasteners. Changes are easy to make: remove tiles, lift the plates to access power and data cables, and reconfigure as needed, returning plates and tiles when complete.

And once you've purchased your system, it goes with you when you move. Gridd does not fasten to the building structure, making it completely portable.


Gridd and Gridd Power are 100 percent made in the USA and are recyclable and refundable. Gridd also contributes to 5 LEED Credit Categories and is GreenSpec listed. It's the most environmentally conscious solution available.


See GRIDD in action and see what the future of flooring can do for your organization.

Rearranging Cables with Gridd

Raised Floor

Gridd's innovative building system is engineered precisely to accommodate changes to your building's floor plan.

The carpet or floor tile placed over Gridd flooring looks attractive and natural-looking. And when cabling below needs management, it moves easily for convenient access.

After lifting the access panel and moving cabling by hand, floor tiles go back in place and the attractive appearance looks like nothing has changed.

Getting Started with Gridd

Raised Floor

People often reach out asking how to get started. You don’t necessarily need to have an architect. Our system is simple to install. 

We do work with architects and we also work directly with end-users. Builders, estimators, electricians, IT people, contractors, and even interior designers—serve as primary contacts to initiate raised access floor projects.

We have experience working with people like you.

  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Engineers
  • Contractors
  • AV Integrators
  • Installers
  • And more

Our project management staff and order fulfillment team are expert in supporting each phase of a commercial construction project. 

FreeAxez is completely committed to the successful delivery of your project. We have proven expertise in both the manufacture and construction aspects of your project.

We actively engage with design teams, and provide drawings and specifications, and participate in pre-coordination meetings. 

We engage with construction teams, imparting guidance, training and tech support to the contractors installing the product to your workspace.

After Gridd and Gridd Power are installed, we're still not finished. We stay engaged with the building's occupants, teaching them how to maximize the benefits of their system, and advising them through all moves, adds and changes.

Every project is completed with the same level of management and care, and every client order is fulfilled with the aim of building a long-standing, strong relationship.

We support everyone along the process to completion and beyond.

Gridd’s Adaptive Cable Management System

Raised Floor

At five pounds per square foot, ten pounds lighter than our competitors, Gridd’s Adaptive Cable Management System gives you the power and data where you need it, now and as your organization evolves.

Contact us and we’ll walk you through every stage of the process.


Gridd’s raised floor is future-ready because it’s the most adaptable floor on the market. Gridd’s design is a paradigm shift. 

  • Gridd gives you easy, flexible access to power, voice, and data wherever needed and keeps it out of sight. 
  • Gridd is a Whole Building Design approach. It integrates cable distribution technology throughout the entire building infrastructure. 
  • Gridd enables a building to adapt to inevitable technology changes. It remains highly functional and operational and saves money at every stage of its life cycle.

Gridd Power

Gridd Power replaces obsolete power cabling with an integrated modular power system that fits neatly underneath within its well-designed channels. The 50 amp electrical bus track system makes it quick and easy to connect devices and appliances that need power to the Gridd system.

Allow Us To Show You How Simple Cable Management Can Be.

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Who We Are

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From the day we opened our doors, over 25-years ago, FreeAxez has made solving customer problems our focus. Our number one priority is to help you reach your highest levels of productivity. Through Gridd, our revolutionary and award-winning Adaptive Cabling Distribution System®, we help organizations like yours underpin your digital transformation by providing our unified cabling technologies that swiftly respond to the demands of your dynamic workplace. 

Businesses across a broad spectrum of industries and verticals are turning to our reconfigurable, low-profile, raised floors to adapt to the needs of their clients and workforce while remaining cost-effective.

Our solutions ensure you achieve the results your business demands. Even after initial installation, we provide ongoing support through every stage of the process of maintaining and utilizing our product. 

We see ourselves as partners in your success, and that relationship begins when you purchase our flooring solution.

Who Gridd Adaptive Cable Distribution System Is For

The Gridd Raised Access Floor Cable Management System, GriddPower Floor System, and Gridd Mobile Augmented Reality can be used by your organization almost anywhere.

Here is a list of some businesses that can benefit from these revolutionary products:

  • Commercial Offices
  • 911 Emergency, Surveillance & Control Room Operations
  • Conference & Training Rooms, Computer Labs
  • Universities, K-12 Schools, Classrooms, Libraries
  • Courtrooms
  • Museums & Displays or Exhibits
  • Computer/Server Rooms
  • Casinos
  • Hospital & Medical Facilities
  • Banks
  • Stock Markets
  • TV/Radio/Recording Studios

FreeAxez has provided the Gridd Adaptive Cable Distribution System to many of the world’s top corporations, organizations, universities, and government facilities for their electrical and cable management needs.

Following is a short list of clients:

  • Corporations: AT&T, Google, Lockheed Martin, Pepsi, Walmart
  • Healthcare: Bayer, Cigna, Kaiser Permanente, National Institute of Health, United Healthcare
  • Universities: Penn State, Rutgers, Stanford University, US Military Academy (West Point), Yale
  • Government Facilities: Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Internal Revenue Service, National Park Service, San Francisco International Airport, US Capitol Visitor Center
  • US Military: US Air Force, US Army, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Marine Corps, US Navy
  • And many, many more: Bayer Crop Science, Chicago Police Department, Mastercard, National Public Radio (NPR), Racine Unified School District, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, 18th Judicial District Court

Our Clients Include

Raised Floor

Let one of our knowledgeable advisors walk you through our product. Click below to set up a product demo either via video conference or at your location.



See GRIDD in action and see what the future of flooring can do for your organization.

What Can Gridd Raised Access Floor Do For Your Organization?

Raised Floor

By moving cables under the floor, your room harmonizes with the needs of the people who work there across the full spectrum of industry installations.

  • At the current estimated average employee density rate for organizations, 125 to 225 square feet per employee, modern offices have their hands full organizing cables and wires. Computer networks, office equipment, and power cables demand deployment solutions that don't impinge on employee space or productivity. 
  • Gridd40 at only 1.6” (40 mm) height and Gridd70 at only 2.75” (70 mm) height accommodates these requirements.
  • In earlier generations of raised floors, designers focused on height to maximize airflow due to the proportionately high amounts of heat these technologies generated. Current office technologies no longer require underfloor cooling. Outdated flooring technologies have now been replaced. 
  • Our attractive low profile cable management solutions give you clean, organized, and open workspaces that maximize productivity and wellbeing. 
  • Gridd maximizes ceiling height allowing you the ability to retain ceiling height as your business grows and occupancy increases.
  • Gridd all-steel construction, it can easily be picked up, moved and rearranged multiple times without deteriorating.
  • Gridd consists of 16-gauge zinc galvanized steel and is 100% recyclable.
  • Gridd is 100 % made in the USA.
  • Gridd is installed without screws and core drilling and can depreciate as equipment and thus saves money in the long term.
  • Gridd can also be leased.

Gridd is the ideal solution for the office environment

Raised Floor
  • Gridd installation is easy and quick, at a rate of 1000 square feet per installer per day.
  • Gridd has a high cable capacity. Gridd40 (1.6”) can accommodate up to 50 Cat5e / 45 Cat6 / 40 Cat6A cables every 15 inches at 40% capacity, more than sufficient for any office or computer room.
  • Gridd's unique design offers flexibility to add, move and change workspace configurations. 
  • Modules snap into place mechanically, held down by gravity. Cable channels may be opened without tools for easy cable management after the flooring is laid.
  • Gridd does not feel like a raised floor. Its solid high-strength construction guarantees stability without creaking or bumpiness. Its design eliminates the sensation of walking on an access floor.
  • Components are lightweight and easy to put in place.
  • Unlike other raised floors, Gridd is quiet. Its innovative design eliminates distracting footfall and sound resonation.

Gridd adjusts to varying floor heights and uneven subfloors throughout an organizational campus

  • Gridd adapts to uneven subfloor surfaces. Its design makes adjustment to accommodate uneven expansion joints or other imperfections in the sub-floor, eliminating the need for floor preparation.
  • Gridd installs on any floor suitable for carpeting or PVC flooring. Its slopes and ramps cope with different heights and handicapped access requirements.

Gridd adjusts to circular installations

  • Circular installations are simple with Gridd standard border components. Its intuitive design accommodates curved or irregular walls to ensure a smooth wall to wall finish.

Gridd fits tightly along walls

  • Gridd borders and frames slide flush to wall surfaces and fasten to the top of the base units.

Gridd is sustainable

  • All Gridd components may be reused which is good for business and the planet.
  • Gridd is easily repositioned in the same room or on the same campus. Components are not fastened to the sub-floor. Its efficient design uses gravity to hold in place. The only screws needed hold down ramps and slopes.
  • Gridd components are 100 percent USA steel. None of the parts have plastic, which is great for the environment and also safer.
  • Gridd is robust and durable yet only adds 5 pounds per square foot of weight onto floors. Our competitors average 15 pounds. Gridd protects your concrete surface.

Gridd has cable outlets

  • Gridd base units, channel plates and corner plates provide wiring outlets. Installers do not need to cut or drill anything. 
  • The Gridd system stays clean and organized.
  • Gridd builds wire connectors and electrical outlet boxes directly into the system. Gridd will also accommodate other brand outlet service boxes, so existing equipment may be repurposed.

Gridd does not require special carpet tiles

  • Gridd works with all brands of carpet or PVC tiles. Tiles can self-adhere or pressure-sensitive glue may be applied to the floor surface, which holds the tiles in place and still allows easy access to the wiring channels. 
  • Gridd comes in attractive solid wood flooring modules custom-designed for FreeAxez.
  • A wide range of available floor coverings can be used with Gridd. As long as floor products are modular such as carpet tile, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), and rubber tile, access to the cabling below is retained. If LVT must be a minimum of 5mm thickness to avoid telegraphing of the Gridd surface texture.
  • Gridd may be covered with fixed flooring such as wood, stone, ceramic tile, and terrazzo but this greatly diminishes flexibility for moves, adds, and changes. 
  • Use of fixed flooring often occurs where power is needed within these hard-surfaced floor locations but core drilling or trenching is not a reasonable solution.
  • Leaving Gridd flooring systems uncovered is not recommended. Though it has an appealing aesthetic, uncovered systems can quickly become a maintenance issue for removing dirt and debris from getting into the cabling channels.

Gridd is easy to install

  • Other flooring solutions require special crews. Gridd snaps together without the need for special tools.

Gridd Power is energy efficient

  • Energy controls within Gridd power can save businesses money and run efficiently.

Gridd is designed to manage cables

  • Other systems say they manage cables but leave your cables in disarray. Gridd funnels them neatly in protected channels. 
  • Gridd’s ramp transitions are smoother and lower. Competitors need a full ramp in order to get into the room.

At every point of comparison, it’s clear, there is no comparison. Gridd’s raised access floor is smarter, easier to manage and gives you a much better outcome, now and into the future. Don’t see the information you’re looking for? We always welcome inquiries.

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Adaptive Cable Solution expounded by Earl.

Adaptive Cable Solution in almost any building type

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