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The Power to Change just got easier with Augmented Reality.

A revolutionary app that gives facility managers, IT teams, electricians, and maintenance personnel everything they need to know about their power and data cabling right on their smart devices.

Gridd® Mobile furthers our mission at FreeAxez® to continuously improve ways to make the jobs of facility managers, IT Teams, electricians, and maintenance easier.

The power to change just got easier with augmented reality (AR).

Gridd® Mobile: The Future of Re-stacking

Raised Access Flooring with Augmented Reality

Meet Bob the Electrician

Traditionally, performing moves, adds and changes to wiring required “Bob the Electrician” to bring an arsenal of tools to make even simple changes. Gridd® allows Bob to save time and money, eliminating the need for him to pull up carpet, open ceilings, cut into walls, and even x-ray concrete slabs. Gridd® delivered the power to change.

Now with Gridd® Mobile‘s Augmented Reality (AR) feature, Bob can see exact power, voice, and data cabling locations through the floor in an instant! Making systems changes has never been easier or quicker.

Gridd® Mobile improves the life of your facility, allowing future facility teams, even years from now, to make moves, adds, and changes to the same space with ease. When using Gridd® Mobile, there is no knowledge lost between teams.

Meet Bob
Raised Floor Power Diagram

Gridd® Mobile Features

Gridd® Mobile provides augmented reality (AR), technical support, as-built drawings, how-to videos, original site pictures, and product information conveniently accessible on a smart phone or tablet.

Gridd® Mobile is backed by the design and technical support team at FreeAxez® to include customized content for your facility.

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