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Raised Floors for
Cable Management
in Art Galleries

Art Gallery exhibits are constantly in motion. Rearranging lighting, displays, and audio-visual cabling can be extensive, time-consuming, and taxing. The Gridd low-profile raised floor and adaptive cabling distribution system allows for seamless reorganization of the floor plan of a gallery. It makes installation and reconfigurations smooth and efficient.

Gridd’s modular design requires no tools or adhesives, making the system perfect for changes and reconfigurations. In addition, its durable all-steel construction is the best solution for high foot traffic art exhibits and galleries. The Gridd System provides maximum flexibility with minimal downtime.

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Adaptable and Flexible

Art galleries routinely undergo reconfigurations and require a cabling system that can be versatile and efficient. Gridd requires no tools, floor anchors, fasteners, or adhesives, making installation and reconfiguration simple and fast. Gridd is also suitable for any building category, from historical structures to industrial warehouses. The modular, quick-connect steel flooring system provides a flexible platform with capacity for power, data, voice, and audio-visual cabling, as well as fluid, gas, and hydraulic lines. Gridd Power integrates easily with the Gridd System; the plug-and-play model allows for creativity without worrying about the capacity for support. Gridd’s flexibility and durability delivers the power to change.

Quick, Organized and Aesthetic

The Gridd System’s flexible design is the best solution for stationary gallery displays and moving installations alike. Gridd’s modular design and quick-connect features deliver power and low-voltage cabling anywhere in the floor plan. With a built-in cable pathway every 19 ⅝ inches on the XY-axis, Gridd ensures ample capacity for any space requirement, allowing for flexibility and ease during installation and reconfigurations. Its ADA-complaint ramp provides a seamless transition from the subfloor to the exhibit platform. Gridd ensures a blank canvas for unlimited inspiration.

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