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Walmart Call Center

130,000 square-foot building that was once a Sam’s Club store
Case Study

Gridd® Access Flooring

Walmart converted an old Sam’s Club into a call center and needed a future-proof cable management system that could adapt to the new building conversion and distribute cabling across 130,000 square feet of space. The project had a tight construction schedule, so choosing a flooring solution that installed quickly was extremely important.

Using Gridd70 and Gridd Power, the FreeAxez team was able to create a solution that eliminated the need to install power poles, easily met the installation schedule, and enabled Walmart to capture the large, open office space design they were looking for. 

130,000-square-foot building that was once a Sam’s Club store

What our clients say

“FreeAxez paid for itself before we moved in. We had to add one new row of desks, which required us to completely reconfigure 3 days prior to completion.”

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