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Gridd® makes your job easier.

Designers love it, Contractors depend on it.

The Gridd system is manufactured with all-steel construction and 36 support legs under each base unit. Building contractors depend on the quality of the product and its durability. It’s 100% made in the USA and delivers the shortest lead time in the industry. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for fast-track projects.

Gridd requires no permanent structural alterations and installs rapidly, at a rate of 1000 square feet per installer per day.

Gridd also saves time in labor, simplifies trade coordination, and provides best-in-class technical support that includes detailed technical drawings in Revit and CAD.

Gridd by FreeAxez is the smart access flooring solution for contractors.

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Advantages for Contractors

Adaptable & Flexible

Gridd is an adaptive cable management system created by engineers precisely for supporting changes in building technologies.


The Gridd Systems benefit buildings by eliminating power poles and above ceiling cabling, allowing for flexibility and freedom of design.


Gridd and Gridd Power are 100% made in the USA, recyclable and refundable. Gridd contributes to 5 LEED Credit Categories and is Green Spec listed. Gridd’s the most environmentally conscious solution available.


Gridd is UL-listed and made of 100% sourced and manufactured in the USA all-steel. No fasteners, tools, or adhesives are required, allowing for non-structure-altering installation, renovation, and reconfiguration.

Safe & Secure

Smart Building Technology

Gridd improves building safety and indoor air quality by eliminating the risks associated with traditional above-ceiling cable and power distribution.


The Gridd System enhances the construction process by enabling efficient reconfigurations, resulting in time and cost savings.

The Result?

Increased likelihood you achieve your project goals. Including: schedule, construction costs, life cycle costs, quality, and sustainability.
Gridd enables a building to adapt to inevitable technology changes, remain highly functional and operational, and saves money at every stage of its life cycle.

Put power & data
where you need them.

Application Examples

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