Product Selection Guidelines

Gridd flooring

Gridd 40 vs. Gridd 70: Choose a low-profile fixed height:

Gridd40 (1.6″, 40 mm) -OR- Gridd70 (2.75″, 70 mm)

Deciding factors:

Floor Area: Smaller floor areas with minimal space is best accommodated with Gridd40 (1:12 slope is 19”, 1:20 slope is 33”).

Cable Capacity: Intense cable distribution requirements may best be served with Gridd70. However, Gridd70 has longer ramps ( 1:12 slope is 33″, 1:20 is 55″).

Ceiling Height: Low ceiling height may impact floor height selection.

Gridd Specifications: FreeAxez is a patented all steel, quick-connect low-profile access floor system consisting of a series of modular, removable, interchangeable steel base units, corner plates, channel plates, border units, and accessories. To find out more click here.

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Gridd Raised Floor Standard and Reinforced

Gridd – Standard vs. Reinforced: What are the facility’s expected floor loading conditions?

Gridd is a commercial construction grade product that can be reinforced to accommodate “heavy” floor load conditions as by the International Building Code (IBC).

Raised Flooring Companies Occupancy Sheet

Low Profile Raised Floor Ramps

Ramp Selections

1:12 Ramp:
Gridd40 1.6″ height = 19″ length.
Gridd70 2.75″ height = 33″ length.

1:20 Ramp:
1:20 slope or less is not considered a ramp.
Gridd40 1.6″ height = 33″ length.
Gridd 702.75″ height = 55″ length.

Custom slopes and angles are available.
1:20 slope or less is not considered a ramp
Handrailings are not required for rises under 6 inches in height.

Access Flooring Company Ramp Design Sheet

Frame is a fascia enclosure component used to conceal an otherwise exposed open edge of the access floor system.

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Gridd Power

Requires Gridd 70 (2.75″ height).

The Gridd Power System is a modular power bus system that distributes energy without traditional hardwiring methods. Preconfigured components make installation and reconfiguration simple, fast, and economical. To find out more click here.

3 phase, 50 amp -0R- Dual Circuit systems are available.

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Floor Coverings

Gridd is not a finished floor product and requires a field applied floor covering selected and specified by the project designer. There are very few restrictions to what type of flooring can be used. Below are a few recommendations for the most compatible access floor coverings:


Module Size: Any floor covering module size is possible but the optimal module size is 50cm (19.5”) to harmonize with the Gridd module.

Thickness: Resilient products like vinyl or rubber must never be less than 5mm (3/16”) thick. This is necessary to prevent telegraphing over time of the Gridd access floor system seams.

Installation Methods: Follow the flooring manufacturer’s recommended methods. Due to the Gridd access floor system being very smooth and non-porous, only a light spread of adhesive is recommended. Any product with the adhesive factory applied on the backing makes for an ideal serviceable solution. “Tack Tiles” by Interface are acceptable although they must be cut and replaced when servicing the cables below. Also the aggressive adhesive sometimes delaminates the flooring backing. Therefore, a light spread of releasable adhesive is recommended in lieu of “Tack Tiles.”

Carpet Tile:

This is the most common choice for maximum access and flexibility. Without any brand or manufacturer loyalty, the following 50cm module flooring products have proven to be highly successful with the Gridd Low Profile Access Floor systems:
Milliken Contract Carpet Tile with Traction Back
Interface Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT):

Installation is recommended with a releasable adhesive. Magnetic backed and interlocking products work well with the all-steel adaptive cabling distribution system.

Rubber Tile:

Installation is recommended with a releasable adhesive or interlocking tile.


Wood flooring can be installed over the low-profile access floor with consideration that accessibility and flexibility will be compromised. This finish requires full coverage of a nailable underlayment directly adhered to the Gridd system.

Ceramic or Stone Tile:

Hard tile surfacing can be installed on a base layer of tile backer board that is adhered directly to the low-profile access flooring. While this installation makes future moves, adds and changes much less accessible, it does allow for underfloor cable distribution to locations where slab penetrations are not permissible and eliminates the need for power-pole drops from above.

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Design Services: FreeAxez supports project stakeholders throughout the life cycle of a project from design services to end user support.

Schematic Design: Our advisory team will assist the Owner, A/E, and Contractor Teams to understand the unique attributes of the adaptive cabling distribution system with samples, technical information, and live demonstrations.

Design Development: Send us your layout and our automated design department will provide 2D CAD or 3D BIM Area Plans and Preliminary Plans.

Construction Documents: We provide 3D BIM models, 2D CAD drawings, and construction specifications for your project documentation. Power Distribution Plans are provided if required.

Procurement: FreeAxez strongly recommends conducting a pre-bid meeting from bidding general contractors, electrical contractors and low voltage contractors to establish a clear understanding of available savings and efficiencies. FreeAxez will attend the pre-bid meeting.

Construction: Installation is fast and efficient with trained installers, Installation Plans and Staging Plans provided by FreeAxez.

Gridd Power Access Flooring Companies Plan

Gridd Power Access Flooring Companies Plan<

Gridd Raised Flooring Companies Installation Plan

Gridd Raised Flooring Companies Installation Plan

Gridd Access Flooring Company Installation Plan

Gridd Access Flooring Company Installation Plan

Facility Management

FreeAxez considers the building occupants to be the primary beneficiaries of the adaptive cable distribution system. Training of facility management for Day 2 operations is included with every product installation.

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