Real Estate Developers

A Smart Play for Real Estate Developers

A Smart Play for Real Estate Developers

Real estate development is a risky venture. The goal for developers is to create buildings that deliver on the needs of occupiers now and in the future. Historically, location is considered the most important factor in success.

But there’s a new, growing trend in corporate environment workspace that significantly raises its desirability, therefore value. One that savvy developers are cashing in on.

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Access Flooring Companies

Advantages for Real Estate Developers: Low Profile Access Flooring

In today’s fast-paced business environment, Gridd’s adaptive cabling management system delivers needed technology without cluttering workspace. And it’s quick, convenient and inexpensive when you need to make changes.

Gridd presents an open floor space that can be designed and configured however the end user desires.

Other Advantages

Lowers the initial construction costs and speeds delivery of a building
Space is attractive to the market as the asset is infinitely reconfigurable for technology and power
Reduces IT budgets making the space much more attractive than buildings that require more construction.
A vital component to “Future Proof” the asset

Put power & data where you need them.

See what Gridd can do for you.

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