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A fast and flexible power distribution system.

Gridd Power replaces obsolete power cabling with an integrated 50-amp modular bus system that neatly fits within the revolutionary Gridd raised access flooring system. Gridd Power has unparalleled flexibility, allowing for easy reconfiguration and adjustment to meet changing layouts and power requirements.

Gridd Power provides access to power anywhere on the open floor plan

Gridd Power

Gridd Power Features


Gridd Power eliminates traditional methods of hardwiring equipment.
Pre-configured modular components make it simple to distribute power efficiently.

Energy Efficient

Gridd Power seamlessly integrates with building management systems and smart buildings that utilize occupancy sensors and controlled circuits. This fully integrated system dramatically improves the operating cost and efficiency of the electrical system.


The tracks, featuring tap-off points every 12 inches, provide the framework to deliver power anywhere you need in a building using the Gridd Power Whips. Installations, additions, moves, and changes are quickly accomplished with the quick-connect Gridd Power components.


Quickly install modular power tracks, feed units, and tap-offs to create your complete power distribution system. A simplified part system makes installation and retrofits quick, easy, and convenient. The Gridd Power system has 4-foot and 8-foot tracks that snap together to create any size power distribution system necessary to meet the needs of your facility.


The current monitoring system gives real-time data on current loads, allowing facility managers to balance power loads more effectively and efficiently for optimal power performance. In addition, Gridd Power integrates with building management systems.


The Gridd Power three-phase bus bar delivers 50 Amp, 3-Phase, 208 Volts, and provides up to 18 Kilowatts (18,000 Watts) of power, all in one easy-to-install track.


The Gridd Power system is the core component of an integrated power system. It is capable of interfacing with any interior architecture that needs power. The Gridd Power system is also available with an isolated ground.


Gridd Power is the most adaptive, efficient, sustainable, and reusable whole-building power distribution system. Gridd Power uses 30 percent less copper than traditional wiring solutions and offers flexibility to integrate future technologies. This makes Gridd Power a key component in the march toward a Circular Economy.
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