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Gridd Power Specifications

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Specification Summary

Gridd is an all steel, quick-connect low-profile access floor system consisting of a series of modular, removable and interchangeable steel base units.  Also, the system includes corner plates, channel plates, border units and accessories that form an accessible under floor cavity to accommodate electrical, voice, and data services.  View the Gridd Power specs below.

Electrical Characteristics

Rated Current: 50 Amps
Rated Voltage: 
120/208 3ǾY – 277/480 3ǾY Volts
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Conditional Short Circuit Rating (Protection device): 16KA
Conductor Resistance Line & Neutral: 1.0 mΩ/ft
Conductor Impedance: 1.5 mΩ/ft

Volt Drops Line & Neutral:
Gridd Power Bus®: 1.0 mV/A/ft
Feed Unit + Coupler: 2.2 mV/A
Tap-Off: 0.73 mV/A
12 AWG: 4.4 mV/A/ft
Coupler: 1.5 mV/A
Interlink: 4.5 mV/A
8 AWG: 1.71 mV/A/ft

Mechanical Data

Number of Copper conductors: 2, 3 or 5
Conduit Cross-sectional Area: Nominal 3.3 AWG
Gridd Power Bus® Casing Copper Equivalent (Where casing is Ground): 3.3 AWG
Cable Termination Capacity: 4 AWG
Tap-Off Cable 20 Amp: 12 AWG
Tap-Off Conduit Sizes: 1/2 Inch UL1
Flexible Interlink Cable 50 Amp: 8 AWG
Flexible Interlink Conduit: 3/4 Inch UL1
Feed Conduit Entry: 2 x 1* Inch
IP Rating: 40
Minimum void depth: (track + tap-off): 2 3/16 Inch

Materical Specification

Gridd Power Bus® Casing: Galvanized Steel
Conductors: High Conductivity Copper
FreeAxez Power Bus® Insulators: PBT
Sockets/ Tap-Off Plugs/ Joint Molding: Polycarbonate LSF
Shutter: PBT
Tap-Off/ Interlink Flexible Conduit: Galvanized Steel UL1
Tap-Off Cable: ULI063 Type MTW or THHN
Tap-Off/ Coupler Blade: Brass Silver Plated
Feed Unit Case: Galvanized Steel
Flexible Interlink Cable: ULI028 Type TEW or THHN
Feed/ Flexible Interlink Housing: Galvanized Steel

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