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The Gridd® System
redefines the raised floor.

–  Freeing-up floor plans for architects

–  Enabling quick & easy changes

–  Reducing environmental impact

–  Optimizing your ROI

Gridd, the award-winning Raised Floor,
is an Adaptive Cabling Distribution System®.

Unlike traditional raised floors, Gridd’s simple, yet revolutionary design is a raised floor system that easily adapts to the growing needs of your business.

The Gridd system is a paradigm shift in thinking about raised flooring! What building design doesn’t deserve easy access to power, voice, and data wherever needed and kept out of sight? Gridd is a Whole Building Design approach that integrates cable distribution technology throughout the entire building infrastructure. Gridd enables a building to adapt to inevitable technology changes, remain highly functional and operational, and saves money at every stage of its life cycle.

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Gridd Specifications

Gridd is a low-profile, raised access flooring solution that can be implemented anywhere. Gridd is a bridge between IT and architecture, and is ideal for the distribution of power, voice, data, and AV in a variety of environments.

Gridd Components

Click below to learn more about our extensive product library of Patented Gridd Components.

Gridd Demonstration

Click below for a mock-up demonstration of the Gridd system with a FreeAxez Advisor.

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