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FreeAxez Clients

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  • – Mike Schmidt, Technical Trainer, Walmart Support Team

    “FreeAxez really has a fantastic product. The installing contractor said this was the easiest raised floor he has ever installed. It took me no more than 2 hours to relocate 8-floor boxes with your system, that was awesome.”
  • – Timothy Van Loo, Facilities Manager

    “I am very satisfied with the ease of installation, the ability to reconfigure, run data, phone, and power. Without the availability of [The Gridd system], the project would have required the removal of concrete flooring to install conduit for the phone, data, and electrical needs. I would definitely consider the FreeAxez [Gridd system] on the next project.”

  • – Stan Jones, Power Plant Superintendent

    “Our first objective was to install a robust raised floor system that would allow the greatest amount of flexibility on console placement within the Control Room. This required multiple, easy-access cable routing capabilities without being offensive to the overall look of the workspace. The FreeAxez floor system met all objectives. ”

  • – Dave Miller, Facilities Manager

    “The school system has tried to create an environment that replicates a real world production studio with technology and products that are used everyday in the television industry. FreeAxez flooring has been a major part of the equation. Thank you for a great product.”

  • – Dawn Tinsman, Administrative Project Assistant

    “Several years ago, after an exhaustive and careful evaluation of numerous technologies and manufacturers, we selected FreeAxez to provide our flooring system. I would, without hesitation select the FreeAxez system again for any future needs.”

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