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Gridd® leads the industry with its award-winning, low-profile raised floor and cable management system. For over 25 years, FreeAxez has been the premier developer, innovator, and manufacturer of adaptive cabling distribution systems. The Gridd Adaptive Cabling Distribution System® easily adapts to changing demands with minimal cost and disruption.

Gridd® delivers the power to change. See for yourself.

Raised Floor and Power Systems

The Gridd® Adaptive Cabling Distribution® System is an access floor that makes changing your technology infrastructure fast and efficient. Gridd’s simple, yet revolutionary raised floor changes and grows with your business. Unlike raised floors of the past, Gridd is an access floor, cable management solution that meets the needs of today’s most demanding business environments.

GriddPower® is a fast and flexible power distribution system that works seamlessly with low-profile access floors and under raised floor products in existing spaces. This system replaces outdated power cabling that runs inside cable trays mounted underneath raised floors. GriddPower® enables this through an integrated modular power system that fits neatly in channels created by Gridd’s access floor system.

A revolutionary app that gives facility managers, IT teams, electricians, and maintenance personnel everything they need to know about their power and data cabling right on their smart devices.

Gridd® Mobile furthers our mission at FreeAxez® to continuously improve ways to make the jobs of facility managers, IT Teams, electricians, and maintenance easier.

Gridd Components

Base Unit FA-4001

14.6” x 14.6” x 1.6”
(370mm x 370mm x 40mm)

Download BIM/Revit

Base Unit FA-7001

14.6” x 14.6” x 2.75”
(370mm x 370mm x 70mm)

Download BIM/Revit

Corner Plate FA-4002

7.8″ X 7.8″
(198MM X 198MM)

Download BIM/Revit

Channel Plate FA-4003

11.7″ X 5″
(298MM X 5MM)

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Perfecting Access Floors:

The Raised Floor System Redefined

Staying competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment means adapting swiftly to advancing technology by transforming the cabling infrastructure. FreeAxez has revolutionized cable management and access floors with an award-winning Adaptive Cabling Distribution® and raised floor system that smoothly integrates technology through a superior raised floor system. It’s flexible in design and quick to assemble.

The FreeAxez Adaptive Cabling Distribution eliminates pulling wires through ceilings, down power poles, and core drilling. It enhances raised floor quality and performance with the low profile design. The FreeAxez Gridd® and GriddPower® access floor systems maximize flexibility for the challenge of evolving technologies. Backed by a ‘can do’ attitude and commitment to whole building design, FreeAxez is committed to redefining how successful companies manage the changing needs of high-performance buildings.

Revolutionizing the
Raised Floor System

Gridd delivers advantages for project team members and stakeholders. Click below to learn how Gridd will help you achieve your design and performance goals:

What clients say about Gridd

“I am very satisfied with the ease of installation, the ability to reconfigure, run data, phone and power. Without the availability of this product [The Gridd access floor system], the project would have required the removal of concrete flooring to install conduit for the phone, data and electrical needs. The product [Gridd’s revolutionized raised floor] has been in use since July 2008 with no issues noted. At first there was some apprehension about the free floating and maybe the floor creaking but there has not been one complaint. I would definitely consider the FreeAxez [Gridd access] floor system on the next project.”

Timothy Van Loo, Facilities Manager, Exelon Corporation
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