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Gridd FAQ

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  • Why do I need a Low Profile, All-Steel, Modular, Quick-Connect Flooring System?

    • The modern office needs to organize a tremendous amount of cables and wires in order to accommodate computer networks, telephones, faxes and general power requirements. Gridd40 at only 1.6” (40 mm) height and Gridd70 at only 2.75” (70 mm) height can accommodate these requirements.
    • Older generation raised floors were designed to run air because computers generated a tremendous amount of heat. Due to the rapid development of modern office technology, running air through the floor is not a necessity anymore and a low profile cable management solution is the most effective and attractive.
    • In order to keep things clean, organized and accessible while at same time preserving ceiling height, Gridd offers the perfect solution.
    • Because of the Gridd all steel construction, it can be picked up, moved and rearranged multiple times without deteriorating.
    • Gridd is made of 16 gauge zinc galvanized steel and is 100% recyclable.
    • Because Gridd is installed without any screws and core drilling it can depreciate as equipment and thus saves money in the long term.
    • Gridd can also be leased.
  • Why is Gridd the better solution for the office environment?

    • Gridd is easily and quickly installed at a rate of 1000 square feet per installer per day.
    • Gridd has a high cable capacity. Gridd40 (1.6”) can accommodate 50 CAT 5 cables every 15 inches at 40% capacity. That is more than sufficient for any office or computer room.
    • Gridd offers flexibility. Because of the unique design; adds, moves and changes are a snap. All modules interlock mechanically and are held down by gravity. The cable channels are opened without any tools and cables are easily installed and rearranged after the flooring is laid.
    • Gridd does not feel like a raised floor. Light-weight and high-strength construction guarantees stability without creaking or bumpiness and eliminates any sensation of walking on an access floor.
    • Gridd does not sound like a raised floor. Gridd has innovative design features that eliminate footfall and sound resonation.
    • Gridd preserves ceiling height and avoids the spaghetti-salad-cable arrangement you find with other floors or in the ceiling.
  • Can Gridd adjust to varying floor heights and uneven sub-floors?

    • Gridd adapts to unevenness in the sub-floor surface. The design allows for easy adjustment to accommodate uneven expansion joints or other imperfections in the sub-floor requiring less floor preparation.
    • Gridd can be installed on any floor that is suitable for carpeting or PVC flooring. Gridd slopes and ramps are available to cope with different floor heights and handicapped access requirements.
  • Can Gridd adjust to circular installations?

    Gridd can be arranged in circular installations with its standard border components.    The intuitive design provides standard components to accommodate curved or irregular walls to ensure a smooth finish from wall to wall.

  • How does Gridd achieve a tight fit along the walls?

    Gridd borders and frames are designed to slide flush to the walls and are then fastened to the top of the base units.

  • Is Gridd reusable?

    • All Gridd components are reusable.
    • The convenience of relocation is merely logistical. Gridd can easily be picked up and moved because it is not fastened to the sub-floor but held down by gravity. The only screws necessary for the system are to hold down ramps and slopes.
  • Does Gridd have special outlets for cables?

    • Gridd provides base units, channel plates and corner plates with wiring outlets. No cutting and drilling are necessary and the system stays clean and organized.
    • Gridd offers wire connectors and electrical outlet boxes built into the system. Gridd also accommodates other brand outlet service boxes.
  • Does Gridd require special carpet tiles?

    • Gridd will work with any brand carpet or PVC tiles. The tiles can be self-adhesive or you can apply pressure-sensitive glue to the floor-surface, which will hold the tiles in place while still allowing easy access to the wiring channels. We also offer attractive solid wood flooring modules custom designed for Gridd.
    • There is a wide range of available floor coverings that can be used with Gridd. Just keep in mind that modular floor products such as carpet tile, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), and rubber tile, are essential to retain access to the cabling below. If LVT is the selected covering it must be a minimum of 5mm thickness to avoid telegraphing of the Gridd surface texture.

      It is possible to cover Gridd with fixed flooring such as wood, stone, ceramic tile, and terrazzo although flexibility for moves, adds, and changes will be greatly diminished. This condition often occurs where power is needed within these hard surfaced floor locations but core drilling or trenching is not a reasonable solution.

      Although Gridd has an appealing aesthetic, it is not recommended to leave the system uncovered since it will become a maintenance issue for removing dirt and debris from getting into the cabling channels.

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