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Where is Gridd used?

Gridd® is an access flooring applications solution that works virtually anywhere. In new construction or retrofits, Gridd is the ideal choice for the distribution of power. It also distributes voice and data cables for a broad spectrum of environments. In fact, organizations around the globe install the Gridd Low Profile Access Floor System. The diverse set of applications Gridd is known for include commercial offices, training, and conference rooms. Gridd Flooring may be found in universities, laboratories, classrooms, courtrooms, libraries, museums, and emergency operations/911 centers. These applications also work well in casinos, warehouse conversions, hospitals, medical facilities, and more. What do you have in mind?

Commercial Offices

In today’s modern workplace environment, change is constant. Fluctuation in employee numbers, safety for in-person workers, and business priorities demand flexibility.

Conference / Training Rooms

Modern conference rooms rely on technology. The organizations of today need infrastructure to support the advanced teleconferencing and quick-connect capabilities.

Universities / K-12 / Libraries

Universities and schools are quiet learning environments. High-performance wireless access points and underfloor cabling for e-learning manage simply and discreetly.

Computer Rooms

Organizations need to optimize the potential to reconfigure, connect, and distribute cables. Rack systems must adapt to constant changes in wiring requirements and system advances.

Hospital / Medical

Today’s medical facilities rely on visual displays for patient monitoring. Cabling support for cameras, x-ray machines, viewers, and heart monitors, is essential to patient care.


Advanced technology must be compatible for renovations and retrofits in older and historic buildings, where designers seek to retain character without sacrificing life and work style.

Emergency Operations

Emergency operations and 911 police call centers overflow with plasma screens, communications systems, and other technologies that need to adapt to situational priorities.


Legal teams need many cables and connections in the “well” area of the modern courtroom to power laptops and other devices throughout lengthy sessions.


Visitors expect more from the Museum display than in times past. Exhibits are becoming much more interactive and technologically advanced and often require quick reconfiguring.


Gaming equipment and surveillance systems in casinos require regular upgrades and repositioning to stay compliant and create a secure and fun sense of relaxation.

Application Examples for Gridd Access Flooring Solutions

  • Class “A” Office Space
  • Classrooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Libraries
  • Courtrooms
  • Universities
  • Call Centers
  • 911 / Emergency Operations
  • Surveillance / Security
  • K-12 Schools
  • Computer Labs
  • Control Rooms
  • Museums
  • Financial Buildings
  • Computer / Server Rooms
  • Warehouse Conversions
  • Casinos
  • Retail / Electronics
  • Displays / Exhibits
  • Manufacturing Centers
  • And Many More
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