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Raised Floors for
Cable Management
in Computer Rooms

Today’s computer room flooring design focuses on optimizing connectivity and cable distribution. Computer rooms require quick and easy adaptability to coincide with continuous changes in technology.

In environments like this, an easy-access raised floor is needed to change the wiring configuration as new technology is adopted, or when the floor plan needs to change. Also, Gridd provides a low profile, high capacity system for organized wire management with minimal ramp requirements. It looks and feels like a solid floor that delivers excellent acoustics, gives quick access for moves and changes without the use of tools.

raised floor systems for computer rooms


Adaptable and Flexible Computer Room Flooring

Floor plans, personnel, equipment, furniture, and cabling are constantly changing. The Gridd access floor system makes adapting to change quick and easy, with minimal disruption and no tools required. The use of the Gridd system in computer room flooring provides the advantages of aesthetics, ease of access, organization, sound quality, and sustainability. The bottom line is, Gridd pays for itself as businesses needs change.

High Capacity, Low Profile
Access Floor

Don’t be fooled by the ultra-low profile. As a result of its innovate design and slim profile, the Gridd access floor system has greater capacity. Gridd flooring also provides organized cable pathways every 19.5 inches on an X-Y axis, accommodating large cable counts and other conduits required to support the application. The organized channels in the Gridd access floor system creates a natural separation of power and low voltage cabling, providing an excellent cable and wire management solution. Gridd is ideal for a computer room access floor.

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Low Profile Access Floor
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