5 things to know about the Gridd® Access Floor System in the workplace

There’s a reason companies like Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson and Lockheed Martin have installed Gridd® in their offices. Designed to support the cable management needs of high performance buildings, Gridd helps optimize energy efficiency, durability, life-cycle performance and occupant productivity. It goes beyond the traditional idea of the “raised access floor”—it’s a system that offers buildings the flexibility to swiftly adapt to new space reconfigurations and evolving technology.

Gridd, an adaptive cabling distribution system, is installed directly under the floor coverings of any space. When cabling upgrades or an office re-design are needed, the modular components lift up without the use of tools. It’s an investment in the future of your office and a system you can grow with.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Simply put, it’s all about clean, flexible cable management. The modern workplace is teeming with technology needs, which mean a lot of wires. Gridd, an access floor with the lowest profile available in the world, keeps wiring organized yet accessible. Changes take only minutes—just remove the flooring tile and lift the plate by hand.

2. Save on life cycle costs. The Gridd system is cost effective because it positively affects construction means and methods, resulting in reduced installation time and better budget management.

3. You’re designing for the end-user. And isn’t that always the top design objective? Cable management systems like Gridd are most useful when executives and employees working in offices are empowered with the knowledge of how the system works. Though office workers might forget they’re walking on a low-profile access floor, when properly educated on functionality, they can easily execute a floorplan change. Whether teams are project based, or new equipment is being installed, Gridd is flexible.

4. Dreaming of shouting from the rooftops about achieving LEED status? Gridd contributes to five LEED Credit Categories. The Gridd system is 100% recyclable and reusable, works within a construction waste management plan, and is ideal for building reuse thanks to its free-standing design.

5. High-quality acoustics. Designing for acoustic comfort in offices creates a more productive, pleasant working environment. The popularity of open offices has created a noise problem for designers. Gridd solves a piece of this challenge with design features that eliminate footfall, including an insulator sheet that lays beneath Gridd, preventing metallic noise, and the Gridd base unit’s 34 support legs, which contain sound transmission. With these sound baffling mechanisms in place, it’s impossible to tip-off office workers to the huge network of cabling, power and data running beneath their feet within Gridd’s low profile access floor.

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