How The Search for Gridd® Low-Profile Raised Floor Created A New MasterSpec Category

Raised Access Flooring
September 7, 2021 | Raised Access Flooring

Until 2009, FreeAxez was confronted with a unique situation. Architects looking to obtain and install its flagship products—Gridd40 and Gridd70—often discovered they had received the wrong product. Time and time again, clients and architects would specify Gridd access flooring systems, and found themselves receiving other access flooring systems based on a completely different assembly—post and […]

August 13, 2021 | Raised Access Flooring

The Gridd® Product Lines include a low-profile raised floor system that leads the industry with its award-winning, low-profile raised floor. Designed to achieve greater flexibility, the Gridd low-profile raised floor system has a unique design that distributes cable technology throughout a room or the entire infrastructure of a building simplifying the distribution cables. The system […]

April 7, 2021 | Raised Access Flooring

With the considerable focus being placed on the adaptive workspace, it is important to clarify what is meant by the term “Raised Floor.” The term “raised flooring” covers a broad range of products that are very distinct from each other. If you are in the market for a raised flooring system, it is vital to […]

The terms value engineering, value management, and value analysis basically describe one thing— a standard providing the necessary systems, materials, and equipment to projects at the lowest possible cost. The idea is to substitute a product, means or method with a less expensive alternative without sacrificing quality and functionality. It might sound easy on paper, […]

Case Study: Stan Walt and his shift managers take advantage of the COVID shutdown to update the bingo room in his Kelowna BC facility. Set in the south of the Province of British Columbia, Canada, along the beautiful Lake Okanagan, sits the city of Kelowna, where Stan Walt, the proud owner of the Chances Kelowna […]

According to Intel, the global value of IoT technology is climbing toward a possible $6.2 trillion by 2025. While smart building advancement is occurring in manufacturing and healthcare, the trend is booming across all verticals. There’s a lot of money flowing down the pipeline and supporting new development and innovation in building design. One reason […]

  Welcome to FreeAxez’ newly updated website! For more than 25 years, FreeAxez has revolutionized cable management and access floors with an award-winning Adaptive Cabling Distribution® system that smoothly integrates technology through a superior raised floor system.We hope you enjoy browsing through all our beautiful new imagery, tools and helpful design resources like CAD and […]

When it comes to advancing technology and the need to adjust quickly as it changes, more and more companies think in terms of the entire building footprint. And they’re thinking ahead. Why? Because every business, organization and institution today is driven by technology. And as the technology advances, the infrastructure that supports it must adapt […]

How do major institutions such as Fortune 500 companies, government offices including the CIA and FBI, universities, banks, and airports safely manage thousands of cables that connect their computers, phones, and other technology? More and more, the answer lies in cable management systems. Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Google, MIT, and The White House […]

Without question the Americans with Disabilities Act has been successful in removing barriers and making spaces more accessible. But for architects and builders, it’s often challenging to combine accessibility, functionality and aesthetics. Our Gridd® low profile access floor can help with that. Gridd offers imperceptible transitions that do not consume valuable space! Gridd’s standard ramps […]

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