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Enhancing Workspace Accessibility: The Gridd® ADA Compliant Ramp

December 4, 2023 | Industry Standards

Unlike building codes which may vary from one geo-location to another, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) is a federal law. These regulations provide equitable workplace access and flexibility for the occupants of the space, ensuring inclusivity while providing equal access to the building or office for employees, customers, vendors, and visitors with mobility limitations who require: 

  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Electric mobility scooters
  • Post-surgery scooters (leg or knee scooters)
  • Crutches
  • Canes or walking sticks

Simplifying office navigation can increase worker productivity while reducing stress levels for employees using these devices on a temporary or permanent basis. Additionally, a fully accessible workspace can establish your business or building’s reputation in the community while improving customer satisfaction feedback. The following is an overview of the benefits to be gained by incorporating Gridd® ADA-compliant ramps in your existing building or next construction project.

Simplifying ADA Compliance in the Workspace

Two key areas that can be especially problematic for ADA compliance in the built environment are entrances/exits and transition points between different levels and flooring systems. To meet ADA accessibility requirements for these areas, many facilities teams and managers utilize low-profile ADA-compliant ramps for a quick and effective solution. 

To meet ADA requirements, a ramp must:

  • Have a maximum slope of 1:12 (1  (For 1 inch of rise there is 12 inches of slope).
  • Have a minimum slope of 1:20 (For every 1 inch of rise there is 20 inches of slope).
  • The maximum rise of any ramp is 30”.
  • Have a minimum width of 36” between handrails (when required).
  • Must not exceed 30’ in length before requiring an additional turn or rest platform.
  • The Cross Slope of a ramp cannot exceed 1:48.
  • Threshold ramps have an additional requirement that the threshold grade may not exceed 2% in any direction.

Additional ramp considerations can include internal and external sloping options to accommodate inside/outside corners, existing doors, stairs, or landings.

ADA Ramps and Raised Flooring Systems

In the built environment, especially legacy and historic buildings, the existing room dimensions typically require custom-built solutions. The Gridd ADA ramp can adapt seamlessly to existing structures by providing flexible placement options within the existing workspace or office environment.

This flexibility enables workspace configurations to easily and quickly adapt to accommodate accessibility requirements between areas, activities, employees, and visitors. The low-profile design of the Gridd ADA Compliant Ramp integrates seamlessly with the Gridd® Raised Flooring System, making it the ideal adaptive cabling system for meeting spaces, offices, conference rooms, halls, and storage areas of most commercial buildings. 

The Gridd cable management system is available is 2 fixed heights: 1.6” (40 mm) or 2.75” (70mm). Standard ramps for either height come in 1:12 or 1:20, but customs ramps can be made based on project requirements. The Gridd system improves accessibility for everyone, not just those who use/require manual mobility devices. 

The low-profile design also preserves critical headroom at doorways and framed openings and minimally impacts existing ceiling heights, which helps retain the original design elements for historical renovation projects.

Optimizing Navigation for the End User

Improved access can enhance worker productivity while improving customer satisfaction and strengthening a company’s reputation in the local community. 

The Gridd ADA Compliant Ramp provides a simple and effective accessibility solution for facilities management teams and property owners. Made from 100% U.S. steel for superior durability and recyclability, these ramps feature modular components and assembly that allow for quick upgrades or total space reconfigurations when needed. 

A low-profile ADA-compliant ramp provides a simple and effective accessibility solution for property owners and facilities management teams.

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