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The Unmatched Convenience of the Gridd® Power Relay Panel

As companies large and small struggle to stay on top of new and constantly changing technologies and business trends, the importance of infrastructure flexibility cannot be understated. The space is typically optimized only for the current tenant’s needs, as it is unknown how future tenants will use it.

As those needs change or a new tenant moves in, companies must resort to selective demolition to access the existing power management system. This scenario typically involves opening walls and ceilings or trenching the slab to install new conduits and home runs from the new service location to the electrical room.

As a result, raised flooring systems have become a popular option for addressing future power management needs while minimizing upgrade costs and timeframes. With the power cabling hidden in the space created by a raised flooring system, any power (or data) cabling changes can happen in days instead of weeks or months.

What is Gridd® Power?

Gridd Power provides power management flexibility through an integrated 50-amp modular bus system designed to work seamlessly within the Gridd Raised Flooring System.

  • After determining the needed power whip length during the planning stage, the feed module replaces the typical home run circuits from the electrical panel to the service location. 

  • The power tracks connect to the feeds via a snap connection, providing 18 kilowatts and connection points on 12” centers. In addition, this track system uses 30% less copper than traditional wiring, reducing voltage drop issues.

  • The floor boxes and power/data enclosures feature a predetermined length whip (up to 24’ in length) that plugs into the power tracks. 

  • Interlinks provide uninterrupted power through common areas such as corridors or walkways, where power connection points aren’t needed.

    How Does the Gridd Relay Panel Work?

    The exact number of feeds and tracks is determined during the planning stage and will vary dramatically depending on the type and size of the business or tenant. 

    Typically, the power tracks are installed at a maximum of 48′ on center and rely on the (up to) 24′ whip with its power and data enclosures to easily reach the desired service location. In addition, each feed features a Gridd Relay Panel rated at 50 amps that provides 3-phase, 208-volt power to each power track.

    Electrical Characteristics 
    Rated Current: 50 Amps
    Rated Voltage: 120/208 3ǾY – 277/480 3ǾY Volts
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Conditional Short Circuit Rating (Protection device): 16KA
    Conductor Resistance Line & Neutral: 1.0 mΩ/ft
    Conductor Impedance: 1.5 mΩ/ft

    Volt Drops Line & Neutral:
    Track: 1.0 mV/A/ft
    Feed Unit and Coupler: 2.2 mV/A
    Tap-Off: 0.73 mV/A
    12 AWG: 4.4 mV/A/ft
    Coupler: 1.5 mV/A
    Interlink: 4.5 mV/A
    8 AWG: 1.71 mV/A/ft

    For additional details on receptacle placement in classrooms, meetings, and conference rooms, please visit our NEC 210.65 page.

    Gridd and Gridd Power provide a one-two punch that gives space planners and architects an (almost) unendingly adaptable and reconfigurable power management system.

    Facility Managers and the Gridd Power Relay Panel

    Architects and designers aren’t the only professionals who benefit from incorporating a raised floor system into a project. Quick and easy access to the power management system is also critical for busy facility managers.

    Most facilities’ requests share four common factors:

    1. The Need Is Immediate

    Employees need a well-organized and functional space to do their work efficiently. They can only do their work once you finish adding or deleting those workstations or reconfiguring an existing room.

    2. Time Is of the Essence

    Most companies need more time for upgrades using conventional construction techniques. Since Gridd Power can be installed without adhesives, tools, or fasteners, any power management changes or updates are fast and straightforward.

    3. Energy Data

    Many facility managers now utilize energy data as a facilities management tool to identify energy-intensive areas of the building at different times throughout the day. As a result, power surges and voltage drops are reported automatically and immediately, reducing the occurrence of unexpected shutoffs. Gridd Power also works with most building management systems, including those utilizing branch circuit monitoring, occupancy sensors, and alerts when circuit breakers fail to trip when overloaded.

    4. LEED Credits

    Gridd Power is the most environmentally friendly power management and cabling solution available. Manufactured from steel (the most recycled material on the planet), Gridd is GreenSpec-listed and can improve your overall LEED score by as many as 5 points.

    If you’re ready to learn more about how Gridd Power can simplify your power management needs today while reducing future upgrade costs tomorrow, please schedule a demo or speak with a Gridd support specialist.

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