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Why Low-Profile Access Floors are the Solution: Because Churn Happens

‘Churn’ refers to the everyday moves, additions and changes that facilities experience on a regular basis. Active spaces like offices, classrooms, courtrooms and operations centers are constantly going through turnovers, reconfigurations and upgrades. Churn is a fact of life. And although you can’t predict precisely what changes will be in the future, you can be sure there will be changes. The key is to build in adaptability rather than obsolescence.

One of the most costly components of churn has been relocating the technology and telecommunications that are so much a part of the modern office building. Traditionally, cable management has been accomplished by core drilling or trenching into a concrete slab, affixing a post and panel raised floor to the structure, installing power poles or running cabling in ceilings or behind walls. These options work. But when changes are required, reconfiguring is disruptive to the workplace and costly to the bottom line.

Adaptive cabling distribution such as the Gridd low profile access floor system is a game-changer. Gridd pays for itself – sometimes before day one – and can be instrumental in keeping a building relevant for years.

Even at installation, Gridd saves you money; the system installs quickly, a single installer can install 1,000 square feet in a day. Once installed Gridd’s modular channels and plates make modifications to cabling a snap. Tools aren’t even required. You just lift your floor covering, lift the channel plate, without the use of tools, and make your necessary changes. It all happens in a minimal amount of time, and with minimal disruption to your workday.

With ICT budgets for new office renovations now eclipsing and exceeding furniture budgets, it’s a classic case of “invest now to save later.” Or as one of our users said: “It’s not enough to determine how to make a space work today, but we have to ask how we can make it work after it has been renovated the first and second time.”

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