An Access Floor Ensures it’s “Business as Usual” Down the Road

You can be fairly certain that as soon as your new space is up and running, a staffing change or technology upgrade is just around the corner. Then you’re confronted with adapting to the change with as little disruption and loss in productivity as possible.

But one decision, early in the design process, can make change tolerable, affordable and less impactful to productivity. That decision is Gridd® the industry’s premier low-profile access floor.

We refer to the Gridd system as “adaptive cabling distribution” and our real point of differentiation is adaptive. Because with Gridd, you can easily and quickly open the channel plates to reconfigure cabling using in-house personnel – not expensive specialty contractors. There’s no noise. No special tools or equipment. So there’s minimal disruption to the workplace and minimal loss of productivity.

Over time the easy adaptability of the Gridd access floor can really impact your bottom line. You can change your floorplans to scale down or up, you can move furniture and walls, you can upgrade technology, you can do it all without core drilling or ugly power poles. You can even take the Gridd system with you if and when your business moves.  This kind of flexibility is near impossible with traditional raised access floors.

If you haven’t seen how quickly Gridd can be installed and accessed so cabling can be reconfigured, check out the “Power to Change” video on our home page. Change will happen and with the Gridd system as your whole building cabling distribution system, you will be ready to ADAPT!

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