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21st Century Access Floor System for Any Building Type

August 27, 2019 | Access Flooring

An access floor system is a type of raised access flooring used in many building types for cable management. According to The Market Report’s Global Raised Access Floor Market Research Report 2018, raised access flooring now cover approximately 25,000 square kilometers (approximately 9,700 square miles) in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. In fact, raised access flooring is now on track to be a $1.5 billion industry by 2025.

There’s good reason for this trend. Raised access flooring offers you a 21st-century solution to the problem of managing the rapid and constant changes that new technology brings to the modern workplace. The use of low-profile access flooring cable management opens up opportunities to lower operating costs and while improving occupant comfort and safety.

Low-profile access flooring offers many benefits for both new buildings and the renovation of existing building types, including:

  • Whole building design
  • Easier cabling and power access
  • Increased flexibility for changes in space configuration
  • Reduction of construction timelines
  • Increased security
  • Improvement of occupant comfort
  • Improvement of tenancy occupancy rates

Every building type has a unique set of challenges and raised access flooring has benefits for most of them. The FreeAxez Gridd Low-profile Access Floor Cabling and Management Distribution System can virtually be used anywhere. Gridd has been installed worldwide in a diverse set of environments. Let’s examine several building types and how they can benefit from a Gridd raised access floor system.

Access Floor System Applications

1. Class “A” Office Spaces

Class A Office Space Access Flooring

In today’s modern age, it is commonly said that the only constant is change. This holds particularly true when it comes to office spaces. Improved technology, growth and expansion, and industry changes all require big adjustments to your office space. A raised access flooring system such as the Gridd system would provide a revolutionary solution for cording that is easily readjusted whenever big changes come your way. Since you can run power, voice and data cables underfoot, you will avoid having a tangled mess of cords in the ceiling that needs to be sorted out every time something needs to be changed or added.

2. Classrooms

Classroom Access Flooring

When many schools were built, computers hadn’t yet become a part of students’ daily life and learning. However, times have changed and nowadays technology is a huge part of the learning process. Giving each student access to power ports as well as any other data or internet access would result in cords running every which way throughout the classroom. The Gridd access floor system is perfect for classrooms for numerous reasons including:

  • Quick and easy installation: Since the Gridd system requires no special tools, it can be installed at a rate of 1,000 square feet per installer per day!
  • High capacity: Having 5”-wide cabling channels every 15 inches means the system can more than handle the cabling required no matter how many students will be in the room.
  • Easily adjusted: as technology continues to evolve, so will the needs of students. Our system is easy to access and reconfigure whenever new needs arise.

3. Training Rooms

Training Room Access Flooring

A top of the line training facility will require computers and/or laptop spaces for each individual learner, as well as presentation equipment for the trainer to use. The Gridd raised access floor system allows for all of the cords for these electronics to be run safely underneath the floor. Despite being low-profile, the revolutionary design of the Gridd system means it has a very high capacity to accommodate any number of learners that may be present in the training room. 

A company’s training needs will likely change frequently, so having raised floors that are easily adjusted means the company will be able to react on the fly with minimal cost and disruption to others in the space.

4. Conference Rooms

Conference Room Access Flooring

Between power ports, phone and internet lines, and other audio/visual equipment necessary in conference rooms, they could easily become cluttered. The Gridd access floor system not only solves for this with its high capacity cabling channels, but it will also help control the acoustics of the room. With our solid and sturdy design, a Gridd floor will not cause any echoing, making sure these rooms don’t grow too loud even when they are at capacity.

5. Libraries

Library Access Flooring

In the 21st-century, libraries are full of more than just books. Computers for public use and desks for people to set up their own laptops are placed all throughout. All of these will need power as well as internet access. 

Raised access flooring allows these cords to be run to any corner of the library, even underneath heavy bookshelves. When the workspaces need to be reconfigured, or additional spaces need to be added, the ease of access without needing to disrupt the shelves is a huge benefit. Adding in the fact that our raised access floors are designed to be virtually silent, keeping the library calm and quiet, there is no better flooring option than the Gridd system.

6. Courtrooms

Courtroom Access Flooring

Any modern courtroom must make allowance for: attorney’s laptops, microphones, projectors, video screens, and other audio/visual equipment—usually, all in the confined space in front of the judge and the jury (called the well).

The Gridd flooring can be laid on top of existing floors (terrazzo, marble, or wood) without damage. It provides for organized and adaptive pathways under the floor for all power/voice/data connections and allows quick, easy (no tool) set up and changes that are aesthetically pleasing.

7. Universities

University Access Flooring

University students in the 21st century more often than not rely on technology for their learning. However, many universities were not originally built with this in mind. Adding workstations and power ports throughout classrooms, libraries and other spaces could result in dangerous and unsightly cording unless done properly. The best way for these upgrades to be conducted is by running the cords under a raised access floor. The Gridd system is easily installed in any existing space and can be adjusted to fit any shape perfectly. The cording system allows all of these upgrades to be done easily with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.

8. Call Centers

Call Center Access Flooring

Having a room full of people who’s job requires them to be talking on the phone and using their computers full-time, creates a unique set of challenges. 

The revolutionary Gridd raised access flooring is the perfect solution for these types of working spaces:

  • Exemplary Acoustics – It is imperative that employees can remain focused on their individual phone conversations without being distracted by their neighbors. Our incredibly designed raised access flooring system won’t echo the way other systems do, which will keep the call center floor from getting overwhelmingly loud.
  • Easily Reconfigured – In a high growth situation, more employees (and therefore more workstations) will need to be added frequently, and the space will need to be rearranged in order to accommodate. The Gridd flooring system is easily accessible and quickly reconfigured.

9. K-12 Schools

K-12 School Access Flooring

Technology plays a huge part in schools in the 21st century. Students are taught using various kinds of tech starting at a young age. Making sure every classroom is fully equipped will give students the best possible chance of being successful. Particularly with younger children, however, all of the cording necessary can cause quite a safety hazard. Utilizing a raised access flooring such as the Gridd system will keep the students as well as the expensive equipment safe. Additionally, this system is easily readjusted and can adapt to the ever-changing needs of students.

10. 911 / Emergency Operations

Emergency Operations Access Flooring

When lives are on the line, it is crucial to be working in a space that runs smoothly and has minimal to no distractions or hazards. The Gridd raised access flooring system is the perfect fit for emergency operations for many reasons:

  • Reduction of safety hazards: Keeping power and other cords tucked safely under the flooring allows people to move swiftly throughout the space without risking injury.
  • High capacity: There is a ton of necessary equipment in an emergency facility (including power, voice, and internet cords). The Gridd system has an unparalleled capacity to keep all of the necessary equipment running.
  • Excellent acoustics: A raised flooring system helps keep noise levels low, which could be life-saving in a 911 or emergency operation because it means everyone can focus solely on their own tasks without getting distracted by other noises in the room.

11. Computer Labs

Computer Lab Access Flooring

It’s no secret that computer labs require a lot of wiring. From power cables to fiber optics and ethernet cords, there are numerous wires to try to keep organized, not to mention all of the potentially dangerous tripping hazards. 

Gridd raised access flooring can provide a flexible, easily adaptable way of keeping cords safe, organized, and out of sight. Despite being vow-profile, the Gridd system is designed to have an incredibly high capacity and can handle any number of computers that may be necessary in the lab.

12. Control Rooms

Control Room Access Flooring

The hectic buzz you imagine in a control room can be attributed to the numerous computers necessary to run the operation. 

Control rooms can benefit from the revolutionary Gridd raised access flooring system in many ways, such as:

  • Low profile with high capacity: our flooring system is able to remain incredibly low (our lowest-profile option is only 1.6” tall) while still being able to accommodate 50 CAT 5 cables every 15 inches at 40% capacity. 
  • Incredible acoustics: Gridd is designed to be solid and stable underfoot meaning no one will know there is a network of cords running underneath their feet.

13. Museums

Museum Flooring

Museums are full of exhibits that are consistently changing. With each new exhibit, the configuration of the room will need to be adjusted as well. The Gridd access flooring system can be readjusted quickly with minimal downtime and without the need to disrupt nearby exhibits. Keeping the exhibit area clear of cords and cables not only provides a clean, professional look to the museum, it also keeps visitors safe from and potential tripping hazards.

14. Trading Room Floors

Trading Room Flooring

Trading rooms are notorious for being covered in computes and electronics with people talking loudly all around the space trying to make a deal. The Gridd raised access cabling distribution flooring system is the best option to accommodate all of the needs of a trading room.

  • High capacity: Our system provides organized 5”-wide cabling channels every 15 inches which means it can more than handle the cabling required.
  • Easily accessible and adjustable: as the needs of your trading room change, you will have full access to make any needed adjustments to the cabling. Since the flooring system is installed without and tools and is simply held in place with gravity, changes are simple and cost-effective.

15. Warehouse Conversions

Warehouse Conversion Flooring

The abundance of old warehouses in highly desireable locations has lead to an increase in the popularity of warehouse conversions. Warehouses are very bare-bones, and so when these industrial spaces are converted into retail, offices, coffee shops, etc, adaptations need to be made to accommodate the needs of the new space. 

FreeAxes’ Gridd low-profile cabling distribution system is the perfect solution for warehouse conversions. Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy and fast installation – 1,000 square feet per installer per day!
  • Quick and simple to change the configuration to adjust the growing needs of the business
  • Can be installed over any existing flooring which helps keep costs low

16. Computer/Server Rooms

Server Room Flooring

Computer rooms must focus on the optimization of connectivity and cable distribution. The rack systems of a server room require dozens of data lines for each server and undergo constant changes.

The Grid low-profile cabling distribution system is revolutionary because it:

  • Has an ultra-low profile
  • Has high capacity
  • Feels like a solid floor
  • Delivers excellent acoustics
  • Has speedy access for changes

17. Casinos

Casino Flooring

The need for surveillance systems, the constant reconfiguration of floor plans and gambling machines, plus the need for high capacity make our Gridd access floor system a perfect fit for casinos. We have:

  • High Capacity: Provides organized channels (5” wide by 2.5” high) that have more than enough room for all the cabling and other conduits needed to support slot machines, gaming tables, and security for any casino.
  • Fast Installation: Our easy-connect flooring system that goes together quickly. Open areas are installed at 1,000 square feet per day, per installer–and has adjustable border components that fill gaps quickly with no need for any custom work or metal cutting.
  • Quick and Easy Access: You’ll get cable installation in minutes; a flexible design for expansion or redesign; and no need to shut down operations to make changes.

18. Retail Space

Retail Flooring

With customers and staff milling around, the last thing you would want are ugly cords distracting from your display and causing a potential hazard. The Gridd raised access floor system is perfect for any retail space because it can provide:

  • Easy access for any necessary changes: the inventory of a retail space may change frequently, and therefore the set up of the displays will need to be changed as well. Our access flooring can be readjusted easily whenever the situation calls for it.
  • Clean, professional look: Keeping unsightly cords tucked neatly out of the way of customer’s sight means they will be able to focus all of their attention on the products for sale.
  • Elimination of hazards: Similarly, having the cords organized underfoot means that customers and employees alike are kept safe while utilizing the retail space.

19. Trade Shows

Trade Show Flooring

By nature, trade shows will need to be disassembled and reassembled frequently. The Gridd raised floor system is the perfect flooring for a trade show because it requires no tools for installation and can easily be packed up and moved to the show’s next location. The flooring system can be easily installed over the existing floors in the trade show’s new location without causing any damage. 

Keeping power cords tucked neatly under the floor will eliminate hazards and make sure the trade show looks as clean and professional as possible. With endless configuration options, the Gridd access floor system is the ultimate solution for the ever-changing needs of trade shows.

20. Manufacturing Centers

Manufacturing Center Flooring

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to organizing a manufacturing center. With often dangerous machines running in every corner, workers need to be kept safe. The Gridd raised access flooring system allows easy access to power which also keeping cords safely organized underneath. This means workers are protected from tripping and electrocution while they are working. In addition, when your manufacturing needs change, the Gridd access floor system is easily adjusted to accommodate new or additional machines and technology.

21. Television Studios

Television Studio Flooring

Lights, cameras, teleprompters, and computers are just some of the behind-the-scenes electronics necessary in a television studio. Add in all of the on-screen electronics and you have a cording nightmare. Trying to keep all these cords out of sight of cameras would be nearly impossible without a raised access floor. The Gridd flooring system is perfect for television studios for many reasons:

  • The high-capacity access floor system can easily conceal and organize all of the cords for the lights, cameras, etc.
  • The flooring system is specifically designed for exemplary acoustics.
  • The ease in which the system is adjusted is revolutionary – a crucial factor when a television set needs to be changed.

21st Century Access Floor System for Any Building Type

For more than 25 years FreeAxez has been widely accepted as the premier developer, innovator, and manufacturer of low profile adaptive cabling distribution and access floor systems.

We have a proven array of products which we continually expand and refine. We’re able to tackle all kinds of projects and have a “can-do” approach to any endeavor, no matter how demanding.

A Partial List of our Clients:

  • Corporate: Google, Walmart, SAP, Netflix, LinkedIn, HBO, PG&E
  • Universities: Penn State University, Stanford University, NYU, Columbia, Cornell, University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois, Florida International, West Point Military Academy — over 100 campuses!
  • Financial: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Vanguard Investments, Mastercard, NASDAQ, Treasury Board of Canada
  • Military: US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, US Marines, US Coast Guard, Canadian Forces
  • Research:e Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, IBM Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Medimmune AstraZeneca, Glaxo Smith-Kline, Bayer Pharmaceuticals
  • K-12 Schools: Calgary Board of Education, Newark Public Schools, Washington DC Public Schools, St. Michaels School
  • Healthcare: CIGNA Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, National Institute of Health, United Healthcare
  • TV/Radio/Performance Halls: CBS Sports, NBC, Major League Baseball, ESPN, KTVU News Room, National Public Radio (NPR)
  • Courtrooms: US District Courts, Superior Courts of Washington DC, Bexar County, Courtroom, District Court of Wichita, Nassau County Court, Provo Fourth District Courts
  • 911/Emergency Operations: Chicago Police, Johnson County 911, New York City Emergency Operations, US Border Patrol
  • US Government: IS State Department, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), International Revenue Service (IRS), FBI, GSO, Veterans Benefits Administration (VA)

FreeAxez is experienced and ready to take on your low-profile access flooring project, no matter your building type. Contact us today!

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