Whole building design at its best with the Gridd Access Floor system

Gridd low-profile access floor being installed at San Francisco (SFO) International Airport TSA Area

Whole Building Design is a new way of thinking about how we design and construct buildings. The idea is to think about the building as a fully functioning system rather than the sum of various components.  Gridd®’s adaptive cable distribution system is a good example of how one product—in this case Gridd—can impact the design/build process at every stage.

1—Gridd allows architects and designers to plan open spaces that don’t require fixed features, such as raised access floors, to accommodate wires and cables. When Gridd is the foundation of your cabling infrastructure design you can make schematic changes without starting over. Gridd delivers adaptability for the physical space, simplifies the design process, and minimizes change orders! With Gridd’s low-profile access floor cabling can be easily accessed and reconfigured making it easy for the designer to include features such as moveable workstations and demountable walls.

2—Gridd minimizes costs because it doesn’t require labor-cost intensive traditional post and panel raised floors, core drilling, trenching, power poles, cable trays or additional hardware. With no drilling required, site clean-up is minimal; construction schedules can be shortened significantly.

3—Gridd simplifies coordination with the trades. Change during the construction process is inevitable. One contractor goes to another and lets them know their plan won’t work and then the problem solving process begins. These changes cost the client both time and money, but not if you use Gridd. Gridd’s flexible access floor system reduces time and cost impacted by change orders.

4—Gridd snaps together quickly, cleanly, quietly and safely requiring less downtime, and generates no dust and disruption. Because the Gridd access floor system isn’t affixed to the structure, there’s no drilling or wiring in adjacent spaces leading to minimal impact and increased security.

5—Gridd makes economic sense. Because this low-profile access floor system isn’t affixed to the building, it contributes to accelerated cost recovery as Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment. Cabling can be easily reconfigured time and again, through numerous floor plan changes and tenant cycles.

By selecting Gridd at the beginning of the design process, the attributes of the system can be used to their best advantage. Over the lifespan of the building, Gridd’s flexibility and ease of use is a feature that occupants will benefit from for the life of the building.

Watch how The Gridd low-profile access floor was used at San Francisco International Airport in this short news clip starting at 1:03.

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