How to design for accessibility? Gridd: the 21st century alternative to traditional raised access floors.

Without question the Americans with Disabilities Act has been successful in removing barriers and making spaces more accessible. But for architects and builders, it’s often challenging to combine accessibility, functionality and aesthetics.

Our Gridd® low profile access floor can help with that. Gridd offers imperceptible transitions that do not consume valuable space!

Gridd’s standard ramps have 1:12 slopes, Gridd40 ramps are a mere 19” in length, without the need for handrails. We also offer more gradual 1:20 ramps which provide architects and designers with more options at entranceways to minimize or eliminate landings and clearances etc. Custom ramps are also available, for example for a national retail chain we produce custom 1:50 ramps to fit seamlessly with our low-profile access floors.

Gridd offers innovative internal and external ramps that provide versatility for entering into the space in any direction without creating edge conditions or tripping hazards.

With Gridd, long unsightly gangway ramps with handrails are a thing of the past!

Ramps are heavy gauge steel and are fixed to the slab with concrete anchor screws.

On the subject of components, we’ll remind you that Gridd channels and plates can be configured for any room design, even along curved or angular walls. And adjustable border components neatly fill perimeter gaps.  Fully installed, Gridd provides a seamless surface that feels solid underfoot, works under hardwood flooring as well as carpet, and keeps cables and wires safely out of sight, but quickly and easily accessible.

And because a Gridd system can be installed in older buildings, without gluing or screwing into the structure itself, it’s a functional and architecturally correct way to provide an older building—even a historic structure–with ADA compliance and a modern aesthetic like an open floorplan. No wonder you’ll find Gridd in public sector applications like libraries, courtrooms, emergency operations centers and museums, as well as in commercial offices and computer rooms, even under casino floors. Designing for accessibility? Think of Gridd, the 21st century alternative to traditional raised access floors.

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