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AR (Augmented Reality) 101

June 1, 2022 | Technology

The Future of FM Tools

This article is reprinted with permission from (International Facility Management Organization)

Machines are often depicted cinematically in a post apocalyptic world where humans and machines are at war. They are so advanced they no longer require humans to operate them. Meant as a warning of over reliance on technology, these depictions fall short, failing to acknowledge the ingenuity and thought leadership that brought the machines to life in the first place.

Smart technologies are intended to enhance lives and not replace them. This puts people in a watershed moment – one in which both the built environment and how people interact with it through technology are in a delicate balance. 

The IoT (Internet of Things) has become a household term that describes the wireless connection that allows machines to talk to each other. This access also paves the way for Facility Managers to remotely control building systems from the convenience of a smartphone. And as needs evolve, including the need for more engagement from these professionals, the functionality, safety, comfort and efficiency of the built environment is also taking on greater importance for business.  

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