Gridd®: Custom Design Raised Floor Using Standard Parts

January 18, 2022 | Access Flooring

As more governments and industries consider the environmental impact of climate change, commercial construction is under scrutiny because it is responsible for 40% of annual global carbon emissions. About 29% of the CO2 emissions come from building operations and another 11% from materials and construction. For many in the industry, the need to be more environmentally conscious means less customization and more standardization. However, the two concepts do not have to be mutually exclusive. With the Gridd® low-profile raised floor systems, companies can create a space that meets their unique needs. One example is a custom design raised floor that embraces practicality and reuse. The system is more than a raised floor. It is an Adaptive Cabling Distribution system that allows organizations to reconfigure their space using the same components. With their modular design, Gridd systems are made for permanence, not obsolescence.

Custom Designs 

Gridd raised floors are free-standing, meaning they are not attached to a building. This custom design raised floor makes it easy for architects, designers, and companies to reconfigure spaces without demolishing existing structures. Installing and reconfiguring does not require screws, fasteners, or glue.

Gridd Systems

The Gridd® low-profile access floor system includes the two height options, Gridd 40 and Gridd 70. Both height options can be reconfigured endlessly because they rely on three basic components: Base units, Channel Plates, and Corner Plates. Gridd® Power is a fully integrated modular power system that simplifies the process of providing power access that is National Electrical Code (NEC) compliant. This is not only in the meeting room setting but throughout the entire building. Finally, the Gridd® Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) application makes it possible for facilities teams, IT administrators, and AV integrators to access the cabling layout below the floor. 

By combining these product lines, organizations can install custom design raised flooring with power distribution management using standard parts.

Permanence, Not Obsolescence

Think of Gridd systems as the Lego of flooring. All Lego products are made from the same basic components, but how they fit together is limitless. Like Legos, the Gridd systems are backward compatible. Components purchased today will work with Gridd systems that were installed decades ago. 

The environmental focus has shifted from sustainability. Many environmentalists advocate moving away from a consumption economy to a circular one. Sustainability focuses on waste reduction, recycling, and lowering pollution, while a circular economy focuses on rethinking systems to avoid waste and the need to recycle. Having a solution like Gridd, that is inherently designed to be reconfigured as often as needed, achieves this end. The goal is to address the cause rather than the symptoms. Because Gridd is made of 100% USA Steel, it can withstand an unlimited number of reconfigurations without breaking down. It is designed to last for decades and can be easily picked up and moved with a business to another room, building or campus.


Since its inception, future iterations have been part of Gridd’s ethos. Earl Geertgens, the founder of FreeAxez, created modular flooring to decrease the inefficiency and waste of traditional construction practices. He realized that the original need for raised flooring, which was to cool computer rooms, could go beyond a data center. 

FreeAxez delivered custom-design capabilities using standard parts to improve cable management and office flexibility. It created product lines working with components that surpass the current demands for flexibility while inserting seamlessly into spaces that were installed 20 years ago. Adaptive Cabling Distribution will only increase in relevance as structures become more connected and rely on automation.

The company’s solutions were never designed for obsolescence, even when it was the prevailing economic model. FreeAxez has always been committed to designing products with long life cycles. That commitment extends to its service.


FreeAxez service begins when organizations need solutions to meet new and existing technology requirements. Project engineers work with clients to find a solution that meets their unique requirements. The FreeAxez design team then creates customized installation plans that coordinate power, data, AV, and furniture to maximize all of the Gridd access floor system’s advantages in your design.       

Design services can help coordinate all trades with the installation of the designed raised floor. This is valuable for the design and pre-planning of interior layouts, wall systems, furniture, IT, and electrical distribution. Beyond initial design services, the FreeAxez team assists with all trade coordination to include electrical, low voltage, and furniture. 

The Gridd systems have been deployed in universities, courtrooms, museums, hospitals,  office buildings, and countless other applications. Whether the flooring requirements are presented as CAD drawings or scribbles on a napkin, the design team will convert those ideas into custom designs using our standard components. No matter how challenging your project may be, the FreeAxez team of engineers and designers will work with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Services do not stop once the installation is complete. When it comes time to reconfigure a space, FreeAxez will help determine how to maximize the existing components and identify new components needed. Like Gridd, FreeAxez services are designed for permanence. If you’re contemplating a retrofit or new construction, consider a flooring solution that is good for you and the environment. Learn more about Gridd and FreeAxez design support services.

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