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FreeAxez Launches New Website!


Welcome to FreeAxez’ newly updated website! For more than 25 years, FreeAxez has revolutionized cable management and access floors with an award-winning Adaptive Cabling Distribution® system that smoothly integrates technology through a superior raised floor system.We hope you enjoy browsing through all our beautiful new imagery, tools and helpful design resources like CAD and BIM/Revit content. If you’re a Facility Manager, Real Estate Developer, Architect, Contractor, Interior Designer or Engineer, don’t forget to explore your unique industry page to find specific information catered to your needs!

Featured Products:Gridd low profile baseball


Gridd®’s Whole Building Design approach integrates cable distribution technology throughout the entire building infrastructure, enabling buildings to adapt to inevitable technology changes, remain highly functional and operational, and save money at every stage of their life cycle. Explore Features, Components, FAQs and Specs.


Gridd 72dpi Classroom with Channel Plates Exposed

Gridd Power:

FreeAxez’ Gridd Power® replaces obsolete power cabling with an integrated modular power system that fits neatly underneath within its well-designed channels. The 50 amp electrical bus track system makes it quick and easy to connect devices and appliances to the Gridd Power system. Fast, Energy Efficient, Flexible, Convenient, Smart, Powerful, Functional and Green; what more could you ask for?

FreeAxez thanks you for visiting! If you have any questions or inquiries, make sure to contact us. We are happy to help!




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