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Why is Gridd the perfect eco-friendly low profile access floor system?

LEEDv4 is here and one goal of the new standards is greater transparency and more detailed reporting in the Materials and Resources (MR) category. According to the USGBC Web site, MR credits “encourage using sustainable building materials and reducing waste.”  Choosing to use a Gridd system for adaptive cabling distribution is a good way to earn MR credits on a number of fronts:

The Gridd low profile access floor system is 100% recyclable and reusable.  Unlike traditional raised access flooring, when a company moves they can pick up their Gridd access floor and reinstall it in their new space.

Gridd is ideal for building reuse, even historic buildings, because the system isn’t affixed to the structure. Gridd facilitates transforming older buildings up to   current technology levels without coring, trenching, and other destructive methods. Gridd works within a plan for construction waste management

 Gridd’s all-steel components contribute the maximum achievable 2 points in category MR Credit 40- recycled content 

Gridd is UL-listed and does not create a sealed airspace; therefore non-plenum rated telecommunications cabling is permitted to be installed in the Gridd system. Other access floor systems require the use of plenum-rated cabling which contain fire-retardant coatings considered toxic to the environment.

Gridd is manufactured in Massachusetts and qualifies for a regional credit in the entire northeast region all the way to Virginia Beach.

Last but not least, Gridd is GreenSpec -listed so you can be certain you’re specifying the right product for your green building. Choose Gridd, the 21st century alternative to traditional raised access floors.

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