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Progress Made Possible: How Raised Access Flooring Helps You Adapt

While raised flooring is where most designers have turned in the past to meet intelligent building needs, they now recognize raised floors were not made for cable management. FreeAxez’s Gridd® system is designed exactly for this purpose, delivers ADAPTIVE CABLE DISTRIBUTION and exceeds the demands placed on buildings by technology. With Gridd you get complete flexibility. Cables flow within the entire building footprint and when specified at the start of a project, Gridd offers benefits throughout the integrated design process and well into the operational life-cycle of the building. Users of a space built on Gridd enjoy flexibility and realize competitive advantage by gaining the ability to be nimble and responsive to their own needs, on their own terms.


Here’s a quick look at how traditional raised access flooring systems and other approaches to cable management stack up with today’s new method of cable management.


Traditional cable management: Basically, cables are “managed” by hiding them—in walls, trenches in a concrete floors, power poles, in electrified systems furniture and underneath traditional ‘post and panel’ raised access floors. Each method has its drawbacks. Walls and power poles are difficult and costly to relocate. Trenching is expensive, dirty and disruptive, particularly after occupancy. Furniture systems are ‘daisy-chained’ together so if a change has to be made, the whole system has to be shut down. Old raised access floors were primarily designed to circulate air, not wires and cables.


Today: Adaptive cabling distribution is a safe way to distribute cables for data and telecom throughout a building or space. The system is comprised of steel plates and cable channels under a finished floor and requires a minimum amount of time to install. The FreeAxez Gridd system also lets you designate separate channel runs for power and data, completely skirting the issue of interference. Finished flooring options are numerous, including hardwood. And when new technology requires a change, it’s easy. With your “as built” installation plan, you can quickly swap out the old for the new.


Call it innovation or call it progress, you don’t want to go old school when it comes to managing your facility. Adaptive cabling distribution is the answer for today and tomorrow.

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