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The Gridd Systems Help Create High-Performance Workspaces | FreeAxez

August 13, 2021 | Raised Access Flooring

The Gridd® Product Lines include a low-profile raised floor system that leads the industry with its award-winning, low-profile raised floor. Designed to achieve greater flexibility, the Gridd low-profile raised floor system has a unique design that distributes cable technology throughout a room or the entire infrastructure of a building simplifying the distribution cables. The system enables a building to remain highly operational and cost-effective while quickly adapting to technology changes as organizations reprioritize.

Gridd revolutionized cable management when it hit the marketplace over two decades ago, and since then FreeAxez has continued to transform interiors with four modular, flexible and distinct product lines that integrate together.

Also part of the Gridd® Product Lines is the Gridd® Adaptive Cabling Distribution® System, which allows stakeholders the capability to efficiently integrate in-room essential IT systems. These support power and cable infrastructure with features and accessories that adapt to fast-changing technology needs. Stakeholders including—architects, engineers, contractors, facilities managers and AV professionals, IT administrators, interior designers, developers and end users—can quickly adapt a space with the flexible raised flooring design offered by Gridd.

What Is a Raised Floor System?

A raised flooring system or raised access flooring is a construction model in which a floor is elevated above a building’s original concrete slab surface. This creates a hidden space between the two floors that is used for the passage of mechanical and electrical capabilities. Gridd provides easy, flexible access to power, voice, and data wherever it is needed. That is thanks to an ecosystem of products that are pre integrated to function seamlessly.

Four Gridd® Product Lines to Optimize Your Workplace

The FreeAxez solutions are customizable to suit the requirements of each workspace, making reconfiguration easily managed in-house and without the expense of hiring tradespeople or the need for additional CAD drawings, although FreeAxez provides those too.

The Gridd raised flooring system is a patented steel, quick-connect low-profile access floor system consisting of a series of modular, removable, interchangeable steel base units, corner plates, channel plates, border units, and accessories that form an accessible under floor cavity to accommodate power, voice, and data. View our Product Selection Guidelines to learn more.

Gridd 40

At only 1.6″ (40 mm), Gridd 40 is the lowest height option of the Gridd System. This option comes with a load capacity of 2,000 lbs – 100 PSF. Gridd 40 is ideal for accommodating ceiling height or transition limitations. It features an ADA-compliant ramp at 1:12, which is 19″ long.

Gridd 40 features and benefits include:

  • Gridd 40 is 1.6 inches high (40 mm)
  • Features a corner plate, channel plate, and under sheet
  • Designed to accommodate 50 CAT 5 cables every 15 inches at 40% capacity
  • Very lightweight but three times as strong as any building codes require
  • Boast of 34 legs stamped out for adequate support and stability
  • Made from 100 percent recyclable materials

Gridd 70

At 2.75″ (70 mm), Gridd 70 is the highest height option of the Gridd System. It features a load capacity of 2,000lbs – 100 PSF. It is ideal for applications that require intense cable distribution requirements. Gridd 70 comes with longer ramps at (1:12 slope is 33″, 1:20 is 55″). Notably, this unit is also compatible with Gridd® Power.

Gridd 70 features and benefits include:

  • Gridd 70 is 2.76 inches high (70 mm)
  • Features a corner plate, channel plate, and under sheet
  • Very lightweight but three times as strong as any building codes require
  • Provides 34 stamped-legs per component for exceptional support and stability
  • It is made from 100 percent recyclable materials

Reinforced Versions

Both heights come in standard and reinforced live load ratings. The reinforced version raises the load capacity of up to 2,000 lbs–100 PSF to a load capacity of up to 3,000 lbs–250 PSF. Reinforced Gridd is designed for all commercial flooring implementations. The following list is a representation of these applications also outlined in the above link.

  • Office and Computer use
  • Assembly Areas & Theaters
  • Corridors
  • Libraries
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses
  • Retail and Wholesale Outlets

With safety factors of 5 and class A fire ratings, Gridd 40 and Gridd 70 are ideal for improving efficiencies in power and data delivery systems.

The Gridd system offers a natural separation of both secured and unsecured cabling (NIPR/SIPR). The reinforced systems accommodate “heavy” floor load requirements to meet the International Building Code (IBC), and are perfect for use in high-traffic areas, including museums, educational institutions, airports, and other public spaces.

Gridd® Power

Gridd Power is a power distribution system that features modular components and power tracks. The system is designed to provide simple-to-install connections for powered furniture, demountable walls, floor receptacles, wall receptacles, and other electrical modules within the interior environment. A key benefit of Gridd Power is that it makes it easy and fast to connect devices and appliances that need power to the Gridd system.

Gridd Power features and benefits include:

  • Its 4-foot and 8-foot snap-together tracks are designed to configure any size power distribution system
  • Powerful and easy-to-install
  • Its monitoring system gives real-time data on current loads
  • Gridd Power is a fast and flexible, pre-integrated power distribution system
  • Components are pre-configured for quick and easy installation

Gridd® Mobile

Gridd Mobile is an indispensable tool for IT teams, electricians, facility managers, and maintenance personnel. It is an application accessible over smartphones or tablets. It integrates Augmented Reality (AR) and the information about the Gridd cabling and power layout in real-time without lifting the floor covering. This visibility simplifies quick changes to both power and low voltage cabling whenever a need arises.

In most scenarios, once a facility project is completed and occupants move in, the in-house team is often unaware of the systems beneath the floor. The Gridd Mobile app is specifically designed to close this gap by providing quick overviews of the entire system on a smartphone or tablet. Its features and benefits include:

  • Provides augmented reality (AR) image of the Gridd system beneath the floor, allowing facilities teams a view of power and cabling configurations
  • Features a 24/7 Technical support
  • Comes with as-built drawings
  • Provides How-to videos
  • Access to original site pictures and product information
  • Eliminates guesswork and unnecessary labor

What Are the Advantages of a Fully Pre-Integrated System?

Portable from One Room or Building to Another

Gridd raised access flooring is not attached to the building, meaning it can easily adjust to suit the current needs of an office. With every new technology, a business can add components to an existing system or expand and update existing ones to meet the needs of your current applications.

Easier and Faster to Build

Pre-integrated systems are not only easier and quicker to build, but they are also less costly. Gridd is an unattached flooring system that moves with you whenever you move to another building. Because it is not part of the building structure, it is considered office equipment and may depreciate on tax returns.

Easier to Reconfigure

The units are easy to disconnect and reconfigure without the need to cut power. Gridd requires no special tools or drawings to reconfigure a space, making changes fast and less costly.

How to Get Started With Gridd® Product Lines

Gridd provides a simple but revolutionary raised floor system that departs from the typical traditional raised floors. The system is designed to adapt seamlessly to the changing growth of business and other technological changes while remaining highly functional and operational to save money at every stage of its life cycle. To get started, fill out our contact form.

Key Takeaway

Recent technological advancements require modern workplaces to invest in massive power, voice, and data equipment. The result of this is a proliferation of multiple wires, cable, and connection points that compromises office safety and cleanliness. Gridd is a well designed response to the urgent need for modern workplaces to integrate adaptive cable management, power and power management, mobile management tools and now a beautifully designed easy to install meeting room system.

The four Gridd® product lines are designed to improve office safety and cleanliness and support your power and cable infrastructure with accessories that adapt to fast-changing technology requirements. Interested in learning more? Start a conversation.

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