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Likening FreeAxez’s Pit Crew Race to a NASCAR Pit Crew

A NASCAR Pit Crew epitomizes efficiency and flexibility and SPEED. In seconds trained professionals can modify their vehicle to suit the needs of both the track and driver. At FreeAxez we hosted our own simulation of a NASCAR pit crew. But instead of having a trained NASCAR team working on high-octane vehicles, we had volunteers attending NeoCon 2016 give a go at relocating a Gridd floorbox.

The Participants were our celebrity contestants who would never perform maintenance or construction in their everyday work lives – an architect, a facility manager, interior designer, and publisher! They found our product to be so user-friendly that they were able to modify a FreeAxez floor with no tools and minimal assistance. They may not have been a pit crew in the middle of a race track, but they had the mobility and effectiveness of one!

FreeAxez provides assistance in three key phases of the installation process:

1) Planning and Design
We provide assistance for planning and design stage. FreeAxez can supply CAD installation plans, developing with facility furniture and electric in mind.

2) Construction and Implementation Team
FreeAxez offers support in the pre-bid process to educate the estimating groups of contractors unfamiliar with the system so they can realize the savings that are achievable. And on the first day of install, we are on site to help the installers, electricians and IT cablers work within the Gridd system to take advantage of the time savings.

3) Post-Installation
FreeAxez will provide assistance going into the future. We will train the facility end user groups – the men and women in the facility who will be doing the moves, adds, and changes, giving them the knowledge and expertise needed to remodify their space. We trust in our products simplicity and ease of use that users will be as nimble as a NASCAR Pit Crew, but with far simpler training and no fire-retardant suits.


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