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Name of the Game is Flexibility. Gridd Access Flooring is your Ace in the Hole.


When your facility’s technology is outdated and it’s time to remodel you’ll be faced with myriad decisions but one thing is certain—you want to get it right. The key to getting your technology update right is making it flexible.  And the key to optimal flexibility lays right under your feet in a low profile access floor solution called Gridd®.


Back in the dark ages, cables were restricted to walls, trenches in floors, ceilings or columns-all costly and time-consuming elements to change. But an underfloor adaptive cabling distribution system like FreeAxez’s Gridd® system enables you to design space that can change with the times. In short, Gridd is the 21st century solution to a raised access floor.


If the company grows or contracts, with an adaptive cabling solution like Gridd you can easily move furniture and change up the floorplan. When technology changes, you can quickly access cabling to install a new end-user access point or power/voice/data box. Moving from Cat-6 to Cat-6E? No problem. Simply lift the carpet tiles and lilft the Gridd channel plates by hand to make the desired changes—with minimum downtime or expense. Speaking of expense, our clients have found that by investing in the Gridd low profile access floor system up-front, they enjoy savings down the line, time and again.


Office planners and designers like the Gridd system too. Floor covering options are attractive and numerous, including carpet, vinyl, rubber and even wood options. And the steel construction of Gridd is designed to baffle sound and minimize footfall noise—you’ll never know you’re walking on an access floor, it feels solid underfoot unlike the raised access floors of years gone by. Best of all, you own the Gridd system—it’s not attached to the building infrastructure so if the company moves, you can take it with you.

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