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An “Insider” Look At The Real Value of Low Profile Access Floors

September 12, 2019 | Access Flooring

Low profile access floors are the quickest, most efficient and cost effective way to manage the cables associated with your office’s power, voice, and data connectivity?

For decades, traditional raised access floors (which are comprised of 2’ x 2’ panels supported by pedestals that were anchored to the slab panel and pedestal) have been used for underfloor air distribution, and by default cable distribution as well. However, with the advent of low profile cable management flooring, things have improved. And the enhancements this type of flooring offers all connect to your bottom line.

How does low profile access floors cut your costs?

  • Easy to Install

    Standard raised access floors have always featured a post and panel design–no matter what the finished floor height is. This design consists of a 2’ x 2’ square panel (that can weigh 35+ pounds each) mounted on 4 steel posts. Each panel is crews fastened to the subfloor of the building – either with anchor screws or with an epoxy-resin-based adhesive and additional hardware.

    Simply put, low profile access floors are easier to install than standard raised floors. A standard flooring system always requires professional knowledge to organize the distribution. On the other hand, some low profile flooring requires no special knowledge or expertise to install or to modify at a later date.

  • Installs Quickly

    Installing a standard access floor is significantly more complicated and time-consuming than that of a low profile version. Low profile access floors require no invasive trenching or core drilling and will literally save you weeks of time on your project. Costs are cut significantly with a simple low profile flooring solution: no meddlesome and costly construction; no time-consuming project that will close your office down.

  • Easy Access

    Once low profile access floors have been installed, making any changes to the cabling system will be simple and mess-free. You’ll be able to work on one section of the floor at a time, leaving all other areas of your office undisturbed and working at their normal capacity. Changes can be made at any time by anyone without the need for tools or hardware.

    With a standard access flooring system, once the installment is complete, any changes will be expensive and challenging. Experts will be needed to make any adjustments needed: floor panels are heavy and need special tools to lift them.

  • More Room

    Because standard raised access floors are typically 6” or higher off the slab, there will be less space between the floor and the ceiling. This limited space leads to less flexibility and can actually cut down the number of floors in your building, therefore, decreasing the rentable space available.

    A low profile access floor system has 1.6” to 2/75” finished floor height. This revolutionary flooring system is gravity-held, and will preserve the vertical floor-to-ceiling height ratio.

  • Reusable

    With a standard access floor, should you decide to move your operation to a new building, your expensive flooring will not be moving with you. Standard flooring is affixed to the premises and becomes a part of the building itself.

    On the contrary, a low profile access cable management system is a long-term investment. The flooring isn’t attached to anything. You can take the floor up and move it with you!

A low profile raised access flooring cable management system has nothing but an “upside”. This system can meet the needs of almost any office of any kind. Active spaces like business offices, classrooms, courtrooms, operations rooms (and many more) will find this the perfect solution to their cable management needs.

Low Profile Access Floors Are The Future of Flooring

Our Gridd low profile adaptive cable distribution system is the premier product in the field. We save you money at installation; Gridd can be installed as quickly as 1,000 square feet a day. Gridd has a super-low profile at 1.6” or 2.75”. Gridd’s modular channels and plates make modifications the easiest in the industry. No tools required. Just lift up your floor covering, then lift up the lightweight channel plate and make any necessary changes.

At FreeAxez we truly believe in our product and company. We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us for a free sample.

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