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How Gridd Enhances The Flexibility of Meeting Room Configurations

January 12, 2022 | Workplace

In this next generation of workplace design, space is precious. That is why meeting room configurations should offer unlimited options for adaptability. The potential for positive impact on workers rests in a meeting room’s inherent capability to respond to the needs of changing occupants over the course of a day. 

Instead of attendees adhering to the rigid limits of fixed and unchangeable room setup, visualize a world in which a workspace can quickly mold to the power and data demands of the immediate occupants. Imagine a simple and clean capacity to “switch gears” and accommodate an entirely new group of attendees.

Meeting Room Configurations Made Simple

Thanks to its intuitive design, the Gridd® raised floor requires no special tools or complex work orders to adapt for a quick touch base or formal meeting. Because they can integrate the Gridd® Adaptive Cabling Distribution® System and Gridd® Power, adjusting the placement of receptacles or cabling is straightforward. In many cases, a space can adapt quickly and can even be fully reconfigured over a weekend. During a typical day of activities, the same space can serve multiple needs and quickly conform to changing demands. 

The Floor Box Power Access Points

For safety purposes, building codes (including the National Electric Code or NEC) require an accessible floor box in a meeting room. Gridd can bring legacy meeting spaces to code without core drilling, a cumbersome solution. Core drilling is a messy process that requires contractors, a heavy-duty drill and water, permissions from tenants below, and security. 

Because of the ability of the Gridd Power technology to reposition power receptacles, the costs and time delays for meeting room compliance updates are eliminated.

Popular Meeting Room Configurations

High-performance connectivity and flexibility allow collaborators to optimize more fully for applications in the spaces where they meet. With the move of a few carpet tiles and the repositioning of components beneath the floor, power cables may be tucked out of the flow of traffic, providing clear walkways. No special tools are needed to lift panels when the time comes to open up channels for reconfiguring.

AV setups and cabling are not set in stone. With the Gridd system, transforming seating, tables, and other essential equipment to these popular meeting room configurations is surprisingly straightforward:

Meeting Room Configurations:

  • Auditorium Style – typically offers a podium with rows of chairs facing it; the rows usually offer center and side aisles for easier access.
  • Banquet – for meetings, including food service; tables are strategically placed for easier movement and meal delivery/clearance. 
  • Boardroom – often structured with a long rectangular or oval table to accommodate all participants.
  • Classroom – chairs with tables or desks, allowing attendees to take notes, use computers, or even snack during the meeting.
  • Educational – allows smaller groups to form and strategize together in their own allocated space.
  • U-Shaped – chaining conference tables end-to-end with one open end creates a U-shape, giving participants working tablespace.
  • War Room – each attendant is on equal footing with all devices connected to a network, allowing access to presentation screens and data.

In each of these scenarios, access to power is critical for maintaining participants’ devices. With Gridd, easy access to networks and power sources is designed into the system.

Meeting Room Configurations Fit a Broad Range of End-User Needs

To successfully address the potential requirements of end-users, design professionals and owners must balance current needs and future adaptability. Though each of the above configurations offers some flexibility, the greater goal is to be able to reconfigure as many needs that the end users require. To be manageable, change should be neither costly nor time-consuming. Rather, it should be easy and require no specialized tools or plans to implement.

The Superior Gridd Power Management Capability

Gridd Power is fully compatible with contemporary power management and building management systems. This capability allows a meeting room to connect and interact with the building management system (BMS) software which can identify and minimize excessive use of power. 

What happens when everyone leaves the meeting room, but three people leave their phone chargers plugged in? Those phone chargers still draw a small current, even without phones connected.This is an expensive oversight that many people miss.

Why is BMS software so important? Unintentional usage puts a significant and costly load on the utility system.

Many states have enacted energy code requirements requiring automatic shut-offs when spaces are empty. If such responsibilities are left up to busy workers to remember, chances are they will be forgotten.

By using occupancy sensors, a BMS detects if a meeting room is vacant and shuts off the appropriate receptacles (controlled). This is one essential reason the Gridd systems are designed to fully integrate with standard building management systems. 

Gridd Mobile Enables Quick Turn-Arounds

Through augmented reality technology, Gridd® Mobile can aid IT and facility teams in identifying wire and cabling locations without having to move floor cover, furniture, or Gridd flooring components. The app makes it possible to review adds and changes in wiring and cabling locations easily, saving valuable time. 

Save Time Tracking Wire and Cable Histories

When business support team personnel are replaced over the years, they often take the knowledge of infrastructure changes with them. The mobile app works with Gridd raised floors, making it possible for new staff to see the power and data cabling schematics of projects installed before their time. This visibility eliminates the hassle of backtracking to find often incomplete documentation of building alterations. 

Gridd Mobile will even answer questions like, “How easily a floor outlet can be moved to accommodate the relocation of a projector for a large gathering of investors or union team members?” Having that real-time visibility boosts efficiency, allowing facilities staff and others to focus on the layout instead of losing time mapping out the data and power access points under the floor.

Meeting Room Configurations: From Design to Build and Beyond

Gridd is an integrated solution that enables easy access to power, voice and data cabling, offering “through the floor” visibility by using the Gridd Mobile augmented reality app. These features allow meeting rooms to fully align with the NEC compliance, data access requirements, and the participants’ ever-evolving meeting room configuration needs.

Learn how Gridd Power can enhance the meeting room experience while simplifying compliance requirements for business. To improve and customize meeting room configurations, contact FreeAxez today!

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