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Polish Engineering Students Visit FreeAxez Headquarters

February 21, 2023 | Community

FreeAxez recently welcomed a group of Polish engineering students to its manufacturing offices and production facility in Delran, New Jersey. Many of the students were first-time visitors to New York and the east coast. 

“The purpose of the visit to the US is to explore transportation and logistics, as well as all types of innovative manufacturing, especially those areas where 4.0 technology and its management side in the USA are being implemented,” stated Kate Morton, a Belgium-based representative currently working for the University of Technology in Lodz, Poland. The University of Technology is a prestigious and widely recognized public university located in the historic textile city of Lodz. 

Knowledge and Education 

The visit was part of a project funded by the European Union’s “Knowledge and Education” program. The students come from the “Organization and Management” faculty, which is part of the  “Management and Engineering of Production” program. 

This six-day study tour across a number of states, allowed students a closeup of the manufacturing and efficiency processes used by U.S. companies. While in New York, students also met with academics from Columbia University and government officials after their visit to FreeAxez.

The FreeAxez Tour 

FreeAxez showed the party of 11 students and 4 teachers around the facility and training space affectionately known as Gridd University. Earl Geertgens, the Founder and CEO of FreeAxez, gave the students an overview of how the company runs and also demonstrated the AR-based mobile app, Gridd® Mobile, which piqued a lot of interest.

Gridd Mobile 

The Gridd Mobile App, a revolutionary way for facility managers, IT teams, electricians, and maintenance personnel to access the current power and data cabling configuration on their smart devices, revealed some of the practical applications of advanced 4.0 technologies.

Earl capped off his presentation by treating the group to custom-made chocolate squares in the shape of a Gridd corner plate Gridd. Lastly, the students enjoyed a demonstration of the time savings QR codes provide. The visit was memorialized with group pictures.  

FreeAxez is committed to empowering learning and professional development as a way to support the next generation globally.

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