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Security Matters: How Gridd Access Floors Keep Information Secure

How do major institutions such as Fortune 500 companies, government offices including the CIA and FBI, universities, banks, and airports safely manage thousands of cables that connect their computers, phones, and other technology?

More and more, the answer lies in cable management systems. Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Google, MIT, and The White House have all embraced the Adaptive Cabling Distribution® (ACD®) approach created by FreeAxez. This innovative method prescribes cabling be installed and distributed directly under the floor coverings of any space, as opposed to using traditional methods like core drilling, trenching, using the drop ceiling space in the floor below and other methods that compromise security.

Adaptive cabling distribution systems like Gridd® and GriddPower® not only occupy less space, but help keep cabling and private information safe. There are a few ways Gridd’s low-profile access floor system eliminates the traditional security risks associated with raised floor and other outdated cable management methods.

1) Tenant IT data and cabling is secure — In buildings where the ACD approach is not used, cable management runs through holes drilled from neighboring tenant spaces, creating noise and dust and the worry of outside contractors traipsing through their space. When a building’s technology integration is planned using ACD and the floors are outfitted with Gridd, tenants do not need to worry about the security of their most valued IT assets and private data. . With Gridd, the risk of damaging or compromising their own cabling and data is mitigated.

2) Natural separation of secure/non-secure cabling — Gridd provides a natural separation for secure and non-secure telecommunications cabling. The kind of exacting separation that is difficult to achieve with traditional raised floors. Gridd meets the requirements for separation in floor boxes where there are special models that have wall barriers to achieve separation at connection points. Gridd is used in SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) by Homeland Security, NSA, US Coast Guard and all branches of the military. While Gridd meets the high level of security requirements of US military and federal agencies, more and more Gridd is being installed in corporate environments where security and cyber protection are paramount.

3) Eliminates need for outside contractors — “Sooner or later, you’re going to need new servers rolled into the data center; heating, ventilating and air conditioning repairs; electrical and mechanical system repairs and upgrades. All of these tasks require you to allow third parties within touching distance of your company’s most valued IT assets,” as reported in TechTarget. Maintaining security and preventing damage to equipment and data is easily attainable with adaptive cabling distribution systems. Straightforward in nature, Gridd allows business and IT professionals to quickly execute changes themselves.

4) High-quality cabling protection — In high-capacity networks, management and protection of fragile fiber or high-performance cabling is essential to ensuring long-term network performance. While there are many choices on the market, not all are created equal. A premium cable management system like Gridd provides maximum protection from point to point, including critical bend areas, and presents supreme weight-bearing ability. These attributes ensure that the system is sturdy enough to meet current and future needs.

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