Creating A More Sustainable Office Environment

August 6, 2021 | Workplace

Creating spaces that stand the test of time, where people want to live, work and thrive, is one of the most sustainable actions we can take in design.

This sentiment was shared by Armstrong Flooring’s VP of design in Floor Cover Weekly


If a business were an army, and the manager or CEO were a general and the employees foot soldiers—what would it take not only to win battles, but more importantly the war? The answer: the opportunity to work in a more sustainable office environment—one that supports mental productivity, physical well-being, innovation, teamwork, and more.

When we remove the barriers to better functionality, realizing customer satisfaction goals and product quality enhancement becomes easier. The rest is simply a matter of consistently carrying out the business plan.

To optimize ongoing success, it is becoming clear that short term thinking is not going to suffice. Business must be ready to adapt to inevitable technology advances.

  • Embracing renewable energy
  • Opting for top-quality office products and solutions
  • Enhancing cable management
  • Investing in product longevity
  • Environmental responsibility

Having the power to change easily is fundamental to this approach. This would include introducing technologies like low-profile raised flooring and adaptive cable distribution systems to help designers, engineers, and architects create workplaces that stand the test of time, where employees are more than glad to produce, collaborate, and thrive.

What challenges do workers face in traditional office environments, and what materials do they  need to promote office space longevity?

Challenges Facing Most Office Environments

In today’s overly connected society, nothing is more critical than creating flexible and future-proof office spaces. Unfortunately, that’s a feat most office environments are yet to achieve, and it’s the employees who are left on the receiving end of far-reaching difficulties. These include:

Lack of Privacy

Lack of privacy is a problem when looking to establish a sustainable office environment. It makes it difficult to focus on projects with strict deadlines, make phone calls, and host video-conference calls without external distraction. This may also compromise productivity and demoralize employees.

Lower Concentration Levels

Frequent disruptions from colleagues, phone conversations, noises, or conversations between employees, are often overheard easily, reducing concentration levels. This makes it extremely difficult to focus on work projects since employees get distracted most of the time, compromising productivity.

The Need for Flexibility

Many offices require a simpler way to reconfigure the setup of cabling and power without long lead times, expensive contractors and CAD drawings in order to implement. Agility is essential to the evolving processes required to help a business stay competitive.

Leveraging the Best Quality Materials and Designs to Build A Sustainable Office Environment

Overcoming these challenges, businesses must look to optimize office safety and workplace satisfaction. One strategy that is proving successful is the installation of freestanding privacy booths with sufficient ventilation, lighting, a desk, power outlets, and soundproof walls. Such improvements only come at a fraction of the cost of reconstructing the whole office while creating a long-lasting solution to common workspace challenges.

Besides enhancing privacy, businesses also need to secure data and voice communication, such as better integration of data and power cables to create better organization. Solutions to these challenges enhance product and environmental longevity. That’s where sustainable designs and materials optimize the efforts of facilities managers and IT administrators.

Raised flooring solutions have been around for over half a century now and have come into their own in the last 25 years. However, the fast-paced technological transformation experienced in the past decade has accelerated the need for modern buildings to change to keep pace with the needs of business.

The revolution of Gridd low-profile flooring is the new face of office sustainability as far as cable management goes. It provides a flexible solution that customizes easily yet stays independent of configurations taking place above the floor. This results in secure, efficient power distribution, wide-ranging connectivity, and safer workspaces.

The best part is that all system components are pre-configured, so they’re effortless to install, reuse, and reconfigure. Preintegration saves on installation and construction costs while enhancing reuse and reconfiguration in the future.

Benefits of Implementing Low-Profile Adaptive Raised Flooring in Workspaces

Numbers of businesses looking to optimize the benefits of low-profile flooring systems have increased dramatically over the past year. It has been an eye opening journey, revealing a greater need for responsive solutions. Many have realized the essence of staying relevant and vital means keeping office designs fluid, environmentally friendly, and adaptive to change, including a more widely adopted balance between home and in-person work models.

Cost Savings

Besides being reusable and movable, innovative cable management systems result in more efficient power distribution throughout commercial office spaces.

Flexible Spaces

Effective cable management also guarantees the flexibility to reconfigure spaces to create room for ever-transforming technologies and workplace cultures. Low-profile flooring ensures that there are sufficient office spaces to support collaboration, meetings, and presentations. What’s more, with wires and cables distributed underfloor, businesses can effortlessly reconfigure the office spaces to match specific requirements.

Attracting the Best Talent

Over the past five years, talent recruiting companies have found a strong correlation between attractive workplace design and the acceptance of job offers. Young professionals, in particular, are drawn to workspaces that offer the flexibility to effortlessly collaborate while retaining private spaces. Gridd® raised flooring system guarantees this by delivering extensive power connectivity to individual devices, while making changes hassle-free to accomplish.

Adaptable Assets

With Gridd flooring, facility managers and property owners can reconfigure and adapt their spaces as and when they need to. When the business grows, there is no need to schedule major installations of new data and VoIP phone lines for incoming employees. The installation process is simple and can be accomplished within minutes.

The More Sustainable Office Environment Awaits

Using low-profile flooring for adaptive cable and power management is an ingenious way for teams to create a sustainable office environment. The design and materials used are 100% steel, cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and completely reusable. The adaptability of the Gridd Raised Floor System is responding to the needs of the rapidly transforming workforce.

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