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The Moveability of Gridd®: The US Marine Corps Installation

January 6, 2022 | Raised Access Flooring

New technologies are appearing with greater frequency, especially since hybrid workstyles are becoming prevalent. The need to quickly and easily make changes to technology and floor plan configurations is at an all-time high. The moveability of the Gridd® low-profile raised access floor system makes these modern challenges easily manageable. Floors can be opened up to run new cables, expanding and updating an operation quickly without paying for an expensive renovation.

Gridd is a cost effective solution not only because of the ease of use and flexibility but the system can be relocated to accommodate changing space requirements or even a new space. Gridd is 100% steel, and installs without any glues, tools or fasteners. This provides an infinite amount of use and reuse with no deterioration. Clients like the US Marine Corp can install, uninstall, relocate and re-use as their space requirements change.  

What Is a Low-Profile Raised Floor?

Also known as raised flooring, raised access computer flooring, or access flooring, a Low Profile Raised Floor is a construction technique in which a raised floor is constructed on top of a building’s original concrete slab. This forms a concealed space between the two floors that are used as a passage for electrical and mechanical services.

Traditional raised floors are used for server rooms to help with air distribution and cooling. Gridd is an Adaptive Cabling Distribution System that provides flexible cable management and integrates power with the addition of the Gridd® Power system.

What Is the Gridd Raised Floor System/Technology?

Gridd raised floor technology is the bridge between architecture and IT. The moveability of the Gridd® system allows it to be implemented anywhere, working equally well for retrofit or new construction applications. It provides an infrastructure that is ideal for the distribution of power, voice, data, and AV in a wide range of environments, such as:. 

  • Commercial Offices
  • Training and Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Universities
  • Laboratories
  • Casinos
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Military Bases

Gridd’s unique, simple, and revolutionary design makes it easily adaptable to the changing business environment, unlike conventional raised floor systems. It is a paradigm shift in the thinking about raised flooring. Gridd is a whole building design approach that integrates cable distribution technology throughout the building infrastructure. Moreover, the moveability of Gridd® enables a building to adapt to emerging technologies, ensuring that it remains highly functional and operational, and saves cost at every stage of its life cycle. And, it is this capability to reconfigure that led the United States Marine Corps to pick up the floor and move it not once but twice. 

3 Marine Corps Installations

There were three separate installations where the Marine Corps moved the existing Gridd floor to a new place and did a new installation with the same components. Here is a breakdown of the Marine Corp installations: 

  • Initial installation: The initial installation of the Gridd system by the Marine Corps was done at the Quantico Base in Virginia. 
  • The second installation- Move to a larger space: They outgrew the space and moved to a larger facility on base. The Marine Corps purchased more product to fill this larger space. As the Gridd system has evolved, all new components are designed to fit seamlessly with components installed over 25 years ago. The Gridd system is designed for reuse as opposed to obsolescence. The new components were compatible with those from the earlier installation. The system is designed to mesh seamlessly, even with flooring from installations done from 25 years ago.
  • Third installation – Reconfiguration: The final installation of the Gridd system was a reconfiguration of the space, removing and relocating walls and adding an entrance as well as an overall reconfiguration of power and technology. This was also easily accommodated with the addition of a few minor components and the use of the flexible cabling and infrastructure to integrate and incorporate the required changes.

Like with the second Gridd move, the third installation can be highlighted by reuse, which supports sustainability while also being cost effective.  No parts of the system are ever obsolete and new additions are always compatible.

The Moveability and Sustainability of Gridd® Enable the Circular Economy

Whereas the last two decades were a period of hyper disposability, the period is quickly coming to its end. All stakeholders—designers, contractors and end users—are creating a greater demand for sustainable solutions. Together with environmental sustainability, land that was once ideal for construction is no longer so. Meanwhile, the disposable building model is less sustainable. 

The solution to improving the end of life of various products and materials in the construction environment starts at the earliest moment. The manner in which chemists, designers, and other manufacturers envision their end product’s life cycle will determine its development process. A circular economy may just be the solution to the wasting of resources. 

A circular economy looks beyond the prevailing take-make-waste industrial model, which predominantly focuses on extraction. It aims to redefine growth by focusing on positive society-wide benefits. It involves gradually separating economic activities from the use of limited resources to create waste out of the system. The circular economy underpins the change to the use of renewable energy sources and builds economic, social, and natural capital. 

The concept of moveability of the Gridd® system is in line with the principles of the circular economy. The circular economy ensures that rather than disposing of components when installing Gridd in a new location, those components are reused.

Looking to Invest in a Raised Floor That Moves and Adapts With the Business?

Today’s workplace environments need a lot of power, voice, and voice equipment–this means numerous cables, wires, and connection points. Moreover, the dynamic nature of the business world demands flexibility and adaptability. To efficiently accommodate the cabling and have flexibility in your cabling system, you need to invest in a raised floor that moves and adapts with your business. 

FreeAxez’ Gridd Power Raised Floor System can be used almost anywhere that data and power cabling  is required. Contact FreeAxez to learn more about our raised floor system.

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