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Access Flooring Benefits: Transformative Workspaces and the Science of Space

February 5, 2021 | Access Flooring, Workplace

Savvy business owners recognize that their workspaces are a reflection of their team. Successful modern-day office spaces are intuitive and adaptive since things inevitably change over time. Rather than trying to force conformity onto people, your building and workspace have to be transformative, to keep up with your business’ needs. Today’s architects and designers understand how incredibly powerful space is to promoting engagement, driving productivity, and inspiring innovation. A transformative work environment including access flooring, has many benefits and helps keep your employees engaged and enthusiastic about their workspace, and your business. 

Vice president of WeWork, Liz Burow, explains that employee-centric office designs improve memory and promote a healthier state of mind, which can result in a stronger brand image. Burow and Google designer Chrisoula Kapelonis spoke at The Science of Space learning event in early 2019 about how well-designed workspaces should be more than aesthetically pleasing; they should be structurally versatile so technology upgrades, architectural renovations, and workspace reconfigurations impact productivity as little as possible.

What’s the big deal about transformative workspaces, anyway?

When you combine the right people with the right state of mind, you can expect unreal results. A transformative workspace puts the right people where they need to be, and gives them the tools they need to succeed In high-performing workspaces, teams utilize innovative techniques to deliver high-quality products and services. Groups of people tend to collaborate more efficiently when placed in a transformative workspace compared to groups working in traditional workspaces.

High-performance environments allow people to trust each other, feel empowered to present innovative ideas and reach for high levels of achievement from their work. Employees with high morale perform more productively and cost-efficiently—they also take fewer days off from work. This is great for your organization overall.

What It Takes to Build a Successful Transformative Workspace

Those who are new to the idea of designing, building, and maintaining a transformative work environment might be wondering What does an optimal, high-performing workspace entail? Two elements (at least) must be present in order to achieve a transformative work environment. 

  1. Stress-free. Psychology plays a huge role in productivity. Employees should have peace of mind when it comes to space management and interior design. 
  2. Easily adjustable. A modern workspace needs to be easily reconfigurable and adjustable to help meet the needs of the constantly advancing sectors of technology and interior design.

High-Performance Work Environments: Even Your Floor Has a Mobile App

Transformative high-performance work environments are still in their infancy; architects, engineers, and designers have only begun to scratch the surface when it comes to the endless possibilities. However, there already exists some key features that should be fundamental to adaptive workspace design. One of the most significant features is the Adaptive Cabling Distribution System® by FreeAxez.

Gridd Power® also allows you to effortlessly replace out-of-date power cabling with an integrated modular power system—no need to hire more than one company to complete the job. And this is only the beginning of the many access flooring benefits offered by Gridd®.

FreeAxez is one of the few (if not only) raised access flooring solutions featuring a mobile application with augmented reality. Gridd® Mobile was designed for facility managers, IT teams, electricians and maintenance personnel in mind. Everything you would ever want or need to know about your power and data cabling infrastructure is all right there, at your fingertips. Additionally, we’ve assigned “Bob the Electrician” to be your Augmented Reality assistant, as well as original site pictures, useful product information, how-to videos, as-built drawings, and real human technical support.

Yes … even your floor has a mobile app.

What is raised access flooring?

Raised access flooring has a long history that starts with Ancient Rome, so the idea in some form or fashion has been around long enough. People throughout history have added slight innovations to raised flooring, but IBM and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) are both responsible for incorporating it into adaptive cable management. Traditionally, cabling is installed inside walls or above the head in the ceiling. But these kinds of installations are cumbersome and cable maintenance can be quite disruptive to normal operations.

With Gridd®, electrical and telecommunication cables are run underneath the raised access floor. Channel plates allow for quick and easy access to cables or devices installed between the building’s original concrete slab floor and the elevated access floor. Depending on the situation and what your needs are, we can install your Gridd® Raised Access Floor at most heights that fit with the industry standards (six to eight feet). With the Gridd® Raised Access Flooring System, you should be able to meet most installation challenges head-on.

What are some of the benefits of having raised access flooring installed?

In actuality, the range of access flooring benefits is only limited by the ways you use it. Below we have listed some of the most beneficial aspects of a Gridd® Adaptive Cabling Distribution System® by FreeAxez. 

  • Allows for flexibility that lets you keep up with advancing technology into the entire building footprint for new and renovation construction.
  • Gridd® will absorb the costs and minimize future operational disruptions ordinarily associated with advances in technology.
  • Gridd® installs fast and efficiently—no need for fasteners, screws, or messy glues.
  • Gridd® was developed and engineered with aesthetics in mind. It features a clean, adjustable design that works perfectly well with a modern, open office environment; it’s also just as suitable for use in historic buildings where running cable is more complex.
  • Gridd® delivers needed technology without cluttering your workspace.
  • Gridd® Adaptive Cabling Distribution System® is a real estate developer’s best friend, offering an open floor space that can be designed and configured however the end-user wishes.
  • FreeAxez provides a dedicated Technical Support Team for those who may require technical data and design specifications on the fly.
  • Gridd® provides maximum flexibility for data and power cabling installation, access, and movement, even if it’s demanded of you over the weekend or overnight.
  • And many more…

The most advantageous thing about our Gridd® Adaptive Cabling Distribution System® and Gridd Power® is that they make any organization, no matter its size adaptable. Gridd® solutions embody what it means to future-proof your organization with minimal effort.

These are just a few reasons why Gridd® Adaptive Cabling Distribution System® and Gridd Power® are perfect solutions for industries such as electronics, medical, industrial design, government, law enforcement, military, and many more. To learn more about how Gridd® will make your organization adaptable to the unpredictable nature of a digitally-driven world, contact us today!

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